Is there a “User” oriented manual that explains how Mantis is intended to be used in a software development environment, one that has at least. 7 MANTIS developers’ guide. 27 Access to the Mantis source code for installation: git clone MANTIS is a free, open source bug tracking software. It can be used to track bug for various software projects. You can easily download and.

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Default user preferences to enable receiving emails when bugnotes are added to bugs. You can also add issue notes here. Scenarios where this is useful is when a person leaves the team and it is necessary to retire their account. This is due to the fact that these users can leverage the interface to inject PHP code into the system, which is a potential security risk.

However, administrators can change the configuration to disable notifications manrisbt reporters or handlers in specific scenarios. The default value is ‘table’.

A number of pages exist under the “Manage” link. MySQL databases are easy to backup using the mysqldump command: You can easily download and install the Mantis for your use. Here is the place where a user’s access level may be upgraded or downgraded depending on their particular role in the project.

The default value is 2. This approach is only recommended for accounts that have not been active i. Enables or disables the mentions feature.

Docs for Administrators

Global authentication parameters 5. This only affects relationship graphs, dependency graphs are drawn to the full depth. The other option is to specify an array of access levels which indicates that users with the explicitly specific thresholds mantisgt allowed to execute the actions.


Each server tends to implement this functionality in a slightly different mamual and thus the naming conventions for the header differ between each server. For example, an issue can be resolved as “fixed”, “duplicate”, “won’t fix”, “no change required”, etc. A box that is not to be shown can have its value set to 0. This setting is for all projects. Default global category to be used when an issue is moved from a project to another that doesn’t have a category with a matching name.

Issue Change Status page 6. The kantisbt account will not show anymore in lists like “assign to”, “send reminder to”, etc. Default value is 30 minutes. Path testing is a structural testing method that involves using the source code Assign to – in conjunction with the dropdown list next top the button, this is a shortcut to change the assignment of an mantissbt.

It is not recommended to use development releases in production specially if it is still in the alpha stage unless the administrator is manitsbt with PHP and is able to troubleshoot and fix any issues that may arise. Twitter is used to notify users about up-to-date details about what is happening with MantisBT development. In addition to enabling this configuration option it is necessary to install an avatar plugin like the Gravatar plugin which is bundled out of the box. Monitor an issue – The access levels required for a user to be able to monitor an issue.

The LDAP field for the user’s real name i. Users linked to this project. This page is used to change the status of an issue.

The administrator can limit the languages available for users to choose from by overriding this mantisbbt. Bug has no handler, and a new handler is selected. It links to the duplicate issue which allows users to read up on the original issue report.


Below this, there may be a form for uploading file attachments. Use the default Administrator account. This is used by PHP 5.

The default value includes all languages supported by MantisBT. The default prefix is ‘mantis’. Gitter is a browser-based, on-line chat that has mainly replaced the team’s use of IRC.

Mantis Installation

The default is to count for 1, 2, 3, 7, 30, 60, 90,and This controls the time order in which bug notes are displayed. Default user preference to enable filtering based on issue severity. Note that the manhisbt is related to the user for whom the avatar is being shown, rather than the user who is currently logged in. This is useful as a security feature and it is also useful in cases like Sourceforge where its servers are only limited to send emails to SourceForge email addresses in order to avoid spam.

This is typically needed when an installation can be accessed by multiple URLs internal vs external. You can control user access at a project level Customize: The priority for a newly created issue. Default due date value for newly submitted issues: It is strongly recommended to backup your MantisBT database on a regular basis. An array of multipliers which are used to determine the effectiveness of reporters based mmanual the severity of bugs.

The news feature is deprecated in favor of being moved to a plugin.