Man Whence How And Whither. by Annie Besant; Leadbeater, C. W. Publication date Topics PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY, Philosophy of mind. Man: Whence, How and Whither [Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A theosophical classic about the. This knowledge should be part of the curriculum of schools. If you want a broad and comprehensive view of history, this book is a must read item. Fascinating.

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And what is his future destiny?

Theosophy : Man : Whence, How and Whither by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater : :

The vast angelic evolution helps humanity by its very existence ; the vibrations set up by these glorious Spirits play on the lower human types, strengthening and vivifying them. Tommy Baas is currently reading it Mar 28, To tliese questions many answers have been given, partially or fairly fully, in the Scriptures of ii MAN: There was a kind of Heavenly Council in a heavenly world the Buddhist Sukha- vati and the great Being to whom they made their vow and who, as the acting Buddha, accepted it, was He who is called Dipankara in the books.

A scheme of Evolution passes through seven great evolutionary stages, each of which is called a Chain.

His efforts leadbeatrr behalf of the society assured his status as one of its leading members until his death in Alice Bailey stated that the book published at Adyar by Besant and Leadbeater was “psychic in his implications and impossible of verification”. After annd first stage of animal life, comes a spell as creatures that live much in the trees, the limbs double-jointed, the feet padded; the feet are cu- riously modified, with a thumb-like projection at right-angles to the limb, like the spur of a cock, armed with a curving claw; running ,an along the underside of branches, the animal uses this to hold on by, the remaining part of the feet being useless; but when moving on the ground it walks on the pads, and the spur sticks out behind, above the ground level, and does not impede movement.

Blavatsky is a standing instance of such use. In a single Leadbeatee the evolutionary wave sweeps from A to G, using each globe in turn as the field of growth; this circling round the Chain is appro- priately named a Round, and seven times the wave sweeps round, ere the life whencce the Chain is over, its work complete. It came from the heart of the Lotus, as sap comes up into a leaf.

The centre of the city is its highest part, and there the houses themselves are taller, with three domes, rising one above another; leabdeater central one has five domes, one on the top of the other, each successive dome being smaller than the one below it. Whithe that remained passed on to globes E, F, and G, some leaving each globe, when they had made all the progress of which they were ca- pable; some Basket-works, higher-class Pitrs and Arhats thus went away from each globe.

As convulsions begin to rend the Moon, preparatory to the disruption of its crust, other types pass also into this world; a very considerable number of the Solar Pitris, or First-class Pitris– who are capable of making further progress on the remaining globes of the Chain, where we shall meet them again– come on into the heaven-world to await transference in due course to globe E.


It does not seem really to matter, as it always ‘gets there’ in the end, just as longer or shorter times in the heaven-world work out to the same stage of progress among men. They are regarded as demons by the islanders, who nevertheless fight fiercely in self-defence.

Wuyangyuanzi marked it as to-read Oct 29, There are minor differences such as H. Vague as this consciousness is there are differences in it; the lowest grade can scarcely be called consciousness, the life in the thought-forms of types resembling what we should now call earth, rocks, stones. The Spirit is the Monad veiled in matter, triple therefore in his aspects of Will, Wisdom, and Activity, being the very Monad himself, after he has appropriated the atoms of matter of the spiritual, intuitional and mental sphere, round which his future bodies will be formed.

For in this we are but evoking from the Eternal Memory scenes in which we ourselves played our part, with which we are indissolubly linked, and which we therefore can more easily reach. They came down, whithre by lfadbeater, into denser matter, abd were not in this using the human kingdom.

In the time of the fourth human race on this globe D they became domesticated, whencs as guardians of their masters’ property and as playmates of the children of the household, much as faithful watch-dogs may be now, carrying the children on their backs and in whithee arms, and developing intense affection for their human masters; the children nestled delightedly in their thick soft fur, and enjoyed the huge bounds of their faithful guardians.

The Angels seemed to take no particular interest in them, any more than we interest ourselves in the evolution of microbes within ourselves; now and then, however, whenve interest was shown in an an- imal, and its capacity to respond increased rapidly under such conditions.

This governs the whole, and is the ground-plan of the book. He may pass on to the next Chain, to aid in constructing its forms. In the Scheme to which our Earth belongs, the Chain which preceded our terrene Chain was the third of its series, and its one physical globe, globe D, was the globe which is now our Moon; lifence the third Chain is whirher the lunar, while aand second and first Chains are designat- ed only by numbers; our Earth Chain, or terrene Chain, is the fourth in succession, and has there- fore three of its seven globes in physical manifesta- tion, its third globe, C, being what is called the planet Mars, and its fifth globe, E, what is called the planet Mercury.

He may become part of that treasure-house of spiritual forces on which the Agents of the Logos draw for Their work, “taking the Nirmanakaya vesture”. Those who prefer the first plan, had better miss the present Chapter, and go on to Chapter II; the wiser readers will give an hour to mastering what follows.

It gives to the story a human interest, and teaches the student of reincarnation. They are included in the general mass of the egos called by H. Proofs of its general accuracy obviously cannot be given, though from time to time discoveries may be made which confirm an occasional statement.

The Second sub-race, the Arabian. People who come forth through the same Planetary Ruler are drafted into different groups; friends fall into different groups; none of the ordinary ties seem to count. They are not Gods perfect from unending ages, but men and wo- men who have unfolded the God within themselves and have, along a toilsome road, reached the super- human.


Leadbeater that were psychic in their implications and impossible of verification, carrying a strong note of astralism.

MAN: Whence, How, and Whither (A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation)

They are marked out by a slight downpour of the higher life, which causes a little expansion of a thread of intuitional matter, connecting the intuitional and mental permanent atoms, and makes it a little broader above than be- low, like a small funnel ; large numbers of people far more intelligent than they are do not show this, and it is connected with the germinal desire to serve, absent in those otherwise more advanced people.

Their willingness to obey shaped for them a fairer future than that of the orange people, and we meet them again in Atlantis as priests of the White temples, gradually forming emotional bodies of a good type. If we glance hastily for- ward, we may see that Monads attached to crys- tals do not enter the next Chain in the lowest forms of vegetable life, but only in the higher, and, pass- ing through those, enter the Moon Chain at its middle point as mammals, becoming individualised there, and taking human birth in its fifth Round.

He may enter the splendid Angel Deva Evolution.

The type which in the previous Round individual- ised by admiration, and was docile and teachable, also tended to come mostly into city populations, and formed the better class of labourers at first, rising through the lower middle class to the upper, developing intelligence to a very considerable! It is not generally accepted, nor indeed is it accepted to any large extent. Animals of all sorts were eaten raw — among some tribes wence flesh was not despised — and creatures leadbater the grade of our slugs, snails and worms, much larger than their degenerate descendants, were regarded with peculiar favor as toothsome morsels.

These groups appeared to form themselves automatically in the heaven-world of globe D, as figures on a vibrating disc whenxe them- selves under the impact of a musical note; but on the three earlier globes more easily distinguished lines of cleavage appeared, ajd people were sent off by a great Official, evidently working on a definite plan.

Mercury took his people over to the main- land and established them there as cultivators of the soil, and then returned to the city with Mars, Herakles whjther Sirius who was nothing loth to accompany them. When we turn to the mineral kingdom, we are among those some of whom will become men on the Moon Chain, and some on the Earth Chain.

David marked it as to-read Apr 11, These become individualized on globe D of this fourth Bound, and on globes E, F and G develop human, emotional and mental bodies, the causal, though fully formed, showing whnece little growth. Only in the first chain we noticed no failures dropping out of its evolution.