Electromagnetic flowmeters. MAG , MAG F, MAG , MAG P, MAG W. MAG , MAG Operating Instructions p. The Siemens MAG flowmeter transmitter is suitable for more demanding Can be combined with sensors MAGFLO MAG , MAG F, MAG W. The MAG and are transmitters engineered for high performance, easy installation, commissioning and mainte- nance. The transmitters evaluate the.

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It boasts the flexibility of being mounted directly on top of the flowmeter as picturedor on the wall, and has superior signal resolution. Are the flowmeters PAT tested? Yes, the ordering process is very easy. Is using flow meters easy?

Siemens MAG Flowmeter Transmitter

If you need a v plug instead of the standard v plug let us know. Once we have the paperwork we can delivery next day to any location in Europe. How soon can I have the flowmeter? Specification Manual Pocket Guide. The display is multi-lingual and with a keypad interface.

MAG 5000 Flowmeter Transmitter

Do coatings or paint need to be removed from the pipe? If a copy of the calibration certificate is needed let us know. It is the same as the model except for mounting method.


Also, as part of this procedure, the flow meter is calibrated once a year. Suitable software for parameterization: How do I record data on site?

Mag Flowmeter Transmitter The MAG is suitable for more demanding applications where high accuracy is important. An ultrasonic wall thickness gauge, that magvlo to within 0.

We are here to help. Overview The Siemens MAG flowmeter transmitter is magfko for more demanding applications where cost-effectiveness is important. Water and waste water Chemical and pharmaceutical industries Food and beverage industries Power generation and utilities. Provided with the equipment is a quick start guide, and if you need extra support, the technical support engineers can be contacted via phone call.

The screendump facility on the integrated dataloggers on all our flow meters, allows you to photograph any screen and download it to your pc. The MAG transmitter is also self-diagnostic, meaning it can detect and log errors. Do I get a calibration certificate? magfo

Siemens Sitrans F M MAGFLO Mag 5000 Flow Converter Transmitter Meter

How do I measure the pipe wall thickness? As long as the pipe is relatively clean, coatings or paint is usually not a problem for clamp on flow meters but if the pipe is corroded or the paintwork has bubbled then a quick sanding down with sandpaper or a wire brush is recommended. Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Required Date Notes about your application Cart is updated.


Every flow meter is tested upon shipping magfloo return as part of our ISO procedure. Without exception, all our flow meters are tested. Background illumination with alphanumeric text, 3 x 20 characters. We have supplied and supported many clamp on rental installations maglo Europe. All specifications can be found under Electromagnetic Flowmeters. What if I need some help? If the stock is permitting, and all paperwork is received by 12pm then flow meters can usually be available the next day.

MAG Flowmeter Transmitter.