Why do we make mistakes? Are there certain errors common to failure, whether in a complex enterprise or daily life? In this truly indispensable book, Dietrich. The Logic of Failure Dietrich Dörner at Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg The references herein, especially the books by Dörner [5] and Kahneman [31]. Our office engineering reading group just went through The Logic of Failure: Recognizing And Avoiding Error In Complex Situations by Dietrich.

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It makes sense to rely on sims when it’s not possible to study something in the real world, for example with global warming.

The subject is how poorly and predictably our intuition and thought patterns serves us in complex situations. At no point was there a mention on how to change this. People tend to respond to the situation, rather than to the process that produces the situation, leading them to overshoot or undershoot in their response. The main gist of this book is that human beings don’t always behave logically.

The Logic of Failure: Recognizing and Avoiding Error in Complex Situations by Dietrich Dörner

The best take-away from the book and this is my favorite quote: Jul 25, Andy rated it it was ok. All those hours you spent playing Civilization? But failyre a while the book theme was constantly repeating the same pattern: So many experimental facts but find very difficult in last chapter coz too many information and facts. In addition, his doner attitude was that people fail becuse they arent’t as smart as he is, although he was clearly trying really hard not to come out and say this directly.


This is entirely valid, but not very interesting to me. And anyway there are many other books on that topic. For every complex situation, there vietrich a solution that is clear, simple, but wrong. Awesome work for planning and decision making that bolster rational thinking skills of businessman or government officials or single mom.

The math is hard, we hate doing that kind of math and we kid ourselves into believing that we can generalize such relationships. Too many of our political leader hopefuls fall into this trap! Intransparancy, wrongly assumed relationships between factors, the “third variable,” our flawed model of reality, deconditioning abstractions, Jun 24, Dana dletrich it it was ok.

And failure doesn’t have to come from incompetence.

The Logic of Failure: Recognizing and Avoiding Error in Complex Situations

Consequently, complexity must drner understood in terms of a specific individual and his or her supply of supersignals. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids.

There is a dirner bit of sadistic thrill in watching very educated the volunteer victims people flail miserably at tasks specifically designed to steer them into their worst patterns of thought. There’s lots of food for thought in this book, and some recommendations for people who would like to improve their complex problem-solving abilities. That’s the best encouragement you can muster in the face of continued and predictable human failure?

The Logic of Failure

The Logic of Failure: All that was well done and well written. I work with people who make a living at develooing and employing such games, and know how to actually use the scientific method, unlike this guy, who couldn’t even bother to find ay scientific references for faulure poijnts he was trying to make. Failures in complex situations as are most of the problems in our larger world are due to inability to Fascinating – the psychology of how we, as humans, fail and try to cope with these failures.


For them, to propose a hypothesis was to railure reality; testing that hypothesis was unnecessary.

Notes on The Logic of Failure by Dietrich Dorner – Max Mednik

Our inability to absorb quickly and retain large amounts of information-We prefer unmoving mental models, which cannot capture a dynamic, ever-changing process. Probably our main shortcoming is that we like to oversimplify problems. Refresh and try again. Some people over-correct, making dramatic changes while chasing a pointer that drowned out any data in induced oscillations.

Then they said that it didn’t correlate at all with IQ, and talked about cool other rationality things. A large failjre of the book is about how systems change in time and respond to feedback, and how bad humans are handling it. These studies, along with some exampl The Logic of Failure is a popular translation of what appears to be some pretty logiv scholarly literature I think-didn’t bother to actually check 30 years of literature in Germanthat is hindered by becoming largely accepted wisdom.

Unfortunately, human minds tend to think linearly and concretely. Apr 10, Robert Bor rated it it was ok. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Jul 07, Temy Chonos rated it really liked it.