Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity. It seems that 3 years ago Vodou freely published as set of plans, for a Miata based build, however it looks like they are not around anymore. There are plans circulating around for several different sized frames. This can be confusing. “Book” frame refers to the frame in Ron Champion’s.

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Building a Sevenesque Roadster – plans

Standard front wishbones should bolt right up assuming the track width of the donor axle is exactly 4″ greater than the UK based Ford Escort Mk1 the book donor. Not an error but more an improvement: So take a look at the photo albums and follow my project as it grew into a home built, olans registered sports car.

I have included some notes lovost the photos where appropriate. Turns out that that the drawings and photos do not agree, and leave you in the dark what is correct. Be sure to refer to the book for these structurally critical pieces. I used an old tin that had thickened and needed thinning, and a fresh tin that was really thin.

Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

Details of the transmission tunnel, suspension brackets, and triangulating strength members are not provided in any of these drawing packages. Next were the skins, and I started with those at the bottom of the passenger compartment. Mon Dec 31, 8: I don’t know the story here. There are three drawing packages to choose from.


It seems the dimensions of the rear section are not correct. I used Tamiya’s Ultra Thin glue to bond 0.

If you think it’s contrary to the wishes of the folks that made the plans than don’t bother, obviously. I’ve excluded them from the drawings because each builder tends to customize the transmission tunnel to meet their needs cut-to-fit. The missing triangulating members were simply too difficult to model with the computer.

To get a taste of classic tubular chassis design, I decided to build a Locost chassis in plastic, using the Ron Champion book. The increased height goes through the horizontal portion of the chassis forward of the dashboard to balance the over all design and accommodate taller engines.

In the real world however, the overall effect of this discrepancy is negligible given the accuracy of most shop tools or lack thereof. I purchased a complete Mazda MX5 NC as my donor vehicle and a selection of steel tubing, I was then ready to begin the process.

I found out later that I had made a substantial error during the painting phase. Fri Dec 01, 1: It would be easy to change the suspension to the Miata compatible parts.

As they were freely available for private use, I would expect there is no issue sharing a copy? The plans are not complete, but they should provide you with a very good and very accurate starting point.

Facebook Twitter Car and Driver. I’m especially fascinated with three-dimensional truss structures for car chassis design, which so far I haven’t found a real example of.

Even cleaning the airbrush was almost too long a delay! The book tells you to build the floor panel and the rearmost side panel from 1.


CA glue was used throughout, allowing for fast bonding. Page 1 of 1. I also have the full set of Saturn plans as well. A standard book nosecone leaves a 5″ gap along the bottom of this super-sized chassis, but the width is spot-on. I liked the chassis in bare white plastic, but I thought it would look even better in Humbrol’s Polished Steel. An evening of work finished the chassis.

This small difference is compounded during the assembly process when working with computer software.

Another error involves the floor panel. Build time so far was in the order of 12 hours. As you can see, I had started base-coating the model too, using Humbrolin search of building defects. It didn’t have to fit in any collection of a fixed scale, so that was another excuse for this non-standard scale. Measure twice, and cut once is a good rule to follow, so i have been trying to gather as much chassis information as I can.


Fri Dec 05, Jay Dagless 8th scale Porsche with a full frame. If the plans are free and available, you can upload them here into this thread in a zip file. The images below show the lcost of detail provided in the drawing files. Getting a homebuilt car registered in the Netherlands is very difficult, so I never intended to build one full scale.

Send me a pm with you email address and I will forward.