We support a Lithops Project, in which a Finish / South African team investigate the extent and evolution of locally optimized camouflage coloration in the genus. , Book: Wild Lithops by Harald Jainta. Don’t miss this , Book: Lithops – Treasures of the veld 2nd Edition by Steven A. Hammer. Wild Lithops LITHOPS Flowering Stones. March/April , English, pages ( x cm), col. + 5 b/w Lithops – Treasures of the veld.

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The markings litthops as remarkable camouflage for the plant in its typical stone-like environment. Lithops have not naturalised outside this region. Please contact the Webmaster. Lithops karasmontana [4] Lithops olivacea [5] Lithops pseudotruncatella [6] Lithops salicola [7] Lithops schwantesii [8].

Lithops 2nd Edition 2010 by Steve Hammer

Like most mesembsLithops fruit is a dry capsule that opens when it becomes wet; some seeds tne be ejected by falling raindrops, and the capsule re-closes when it dries out. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Lithops thrive best tresures a coarse, well-drained substrate.

Well illustrated with heading on for photos, you’ll get a good idea of the leaf patterns as there is hardly a flower shown – maybe to show the patterns but willd author said he travelled in Southern Africa during the Summer – to avoid the European winter – so no doubt too early for most of them.

With the excellent photography of Chris Barnhill and others, the reader is then treated to a profusion of lithops mugshots.

They are relatively easy to grow if given sufficient sun and a suitable well-drained soil. Accompanying treaaures photographs are descriptions, distributions and other notes for each species, including observations on any cultivars for that species.


Lithops books

The text reflects his considerable expertise in both the taxonomic and cultural aspects of the genus, and the text is suffused with a quirky and very readable erudition. Accompanying the photographs are descriptions, distributions and other notes for each species, including observations on any cultivars for that species.

Seed is easy to germinatebut the seedlings are small and vulnerable for the first year or two, and will not flower until at least two or three treazures old. Lithops are popular novelty house plants and many specialist succulent growers maintain collections.

I would consider this good company for D.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Rainfall patterns range from exclusively summer rain to exclusively winter rain, with a few species relying almost entirely on dew formation for moisture.

Product details Hardcover Publisher: Some species have flowers lihops enough to obscure the leaves. Excessive heat will kill potted plants as they cannot cool themselves by transpiration and rely on staying buried in cool soil below the surface. By the waydo you also planting Lithops or do you know any players in your area? Individual Lithops plants consist of one or more pairs of bulbous, almost fused leaves wlld to each other pithops hardly any stem. Delivery and Returns see our delivery rates and policies thinking of returning an item?

English Choose a language for shopping. Love it — may not grow all lithops but certainly enjoy this book as a coffee table book.


Book arrived in Finland. The leaves are fenestratedand the epidermal windows are patterned in various shades of cream, grey, and brown, with darker windowed areas, dots, and red lines, according to species and teh conditions.

Lithops are sensitive to watering during hot weather, which can cause the plants to rot; in habitat the plants are often dormant when the temperatures are high, doing most of their growing during the cool months of the year. I bought this one because I have read it is the best Lithops book available. Lithops leaves may shrink and disappear below ground level during drought.

This rreasures was last edited on 19 Octoberat Many of the species listed have named subspecies or varieties and some have many regional forms identified by old names or habitat locations.

Write a customer review. I have seen better designed plant books with the information better organized, but anyway, this book has very useful information and nice pictures of every species.

Applies to all files, content and design.

Lithops – Treasures of the Veld: Steven A. Hammer: : Books

Lithops traesures Treasures of the Veld – 2nd edition. Succulent Flora of Southern Africa. The entire book is very thin, more like a thick magazine, but the pages are full-colored.

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