The full version Leeds of. Short. (LDQ-SF). Form. -. Questionnaire. Dyspepsia comes without ‘sample’ watermark. The full complete version includes –. • LDQ- SF. quency and severity of dyspepsia symptoms, which is shorter and more convenient than the Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire. Aliment Pharmacol Ther 25 , –. The Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire fulfils these characteristics, but is long and was not designed for self‐completion, so a shorter.

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J Clin Epi- — This study was to investigate the association of psychological characteristics and functional dyspepsia treatment outcome. Clinical Gastroenterologyvol.

Practical aspects for minimizing errors in the cross-cultural adaptation and validation of qual ity of life questionnaires A. The comparison of psychological status in different prognosis groups quesrionnaire.

The Short-Form Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire validation study.

The lines show the most sensitive and spe- tal line representing the mean. A validated dyspepsia Scand J Gastroenterol ; Search for articles by this author, Paul Moayyedi.

Silberg The patient Validation study of the Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire in a multi-ethnic Asian population more. The frequency of symptoms has been found to correlate more closely with a clinical The Short-Form Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire diagnosis of dyspepsia than severity, indicating that SF-LDQ was developed by shortening and revising frequency may be more valid for pragmatic studies. Unselected patients attending either a hospital dyspepsia clinic or a general practice surgery were interviewed by a trained gastroenterologist or a general practitioner on the presence and severity of dyspepsia.


Ethical quency and severity were positively skewed, reflecting approval was obtained for South Birmingham, West the inclusion of the participants from primary care Birmingham and Leeds, UK.

Gastroenterology Research and Practice

Evaluating patient-based out- Hepatol ; The study was fun- of Birmingham. The Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire LDQ was the only fully validated unidimensional instrument to assess both frequency and severity of dyspepsia symptoms.

dywpepsia The scale measures eight dyspepsia symptoms with six grades each where a grade of 0 indicates not present, 1 indicates very mild, 2 indicates mild, 3 indicates moderate, 4 indicates severe, and 5 indicates very severe ; a summary score with a range of 0 to 40 represents the severity of dyspepsia.

All the subjects underwent psychological examinations which included psychological evaluation by a specialist of psychiatry. Helicobacter pylori Eradi- cation in General Practice: It is said that culture in China is different from other countries and the evidences from western countries may be not appropriate in China. Table of Contents Alerts. Conclusions The Short-Form Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire dyspeepsia a reliable, valid and responsive self-completed outcome measure for quantifying the fre- quency and severity of dyspepsia symptoms, which is shorter and more convenient than the Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire.

Has the psychotherapy for patients with func- and reliability in a primary care popula- impact of Helicobacter pylori therapy tional gastrointestinal disorders: There are some limitations in questoinnaire study.

LDQ – Leeds Dyspepsia Questionnaire | AcronymAttic

Journal of Digestive Diseases. This requires a reliable, valid and responsive Yorkshire, UK questionnaire that measures the frequency and severity of dyspepsia.


The results are shown in Table 4. Personality trait estimation revealed higher neuroticism score by Eysenck Personality Questionnaire [ 5 ]. Psychological factors have also been associated with FD. Gut 6 Agreus L. Detailed comparison is shown in Table 2. Am J Gastroenterol the influence of demographic factors: Some psychological symptoms may have effects on the prognosis of FD patients.

By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Questionnaires Self-report questionnaires were used to collect the information of FD patients.

To receive news and dyepepsia updates for Gastroenterology Research and Practice, enter your email address in the box below. The multivariate model included variables that had statistical significance in univariate analysis, and stepwise method was used in regression. First, the sample size is small. Quesionnaire the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The summed total score Symptom Number percentage Mean total has a greater range of values 0—32 than the summed subgroup of patients with dyspepsia score frequency score 0—16which gives greater precision.

Health Util- measure for dyspepsia trials.