Way of the Crab Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) [Crab] character. Choose an opponent – that player must sacrifice a character. (Max 1 per round.). I have been under the impression that Way of the Crab required the friendly crab personality to leave play to take effect. This would mean that if. If my opponent chooses to sacrifice a character wearing a Reprieve to use Way of the Crab, and the Reprieve is discarded instead of the.

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I like getting him when I can way of the crab. I have been under the impression that Way of the Crab required the friendly crab personality to leave play to take effect. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to watch list.

Will combine with auctions for shipping so check out my other listings.

Just watch out for dishonor. Add to watch list.

Legend of the Five Rings Review: Crab

Unless thf Unicorn with all their movement tricks I’m not sure wasting your own resources on a half hearted political attack is exactly coming out ahead.

It may even have value into future sets depending on whether more non-clan specific movement effects are released.


Here is the link to the second part of this article. I think Tsukune is too expensive if she isn’t also doing something for you in combat considering I’ll usually just leave water and something for her to trigger.

Steadfast Witch Hunter average score: Kingsley ” offering a solid buff for both attack and defense” is simply wrong but the grading is reasonable.

Have one to sell? Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. I personally don’t care if Tsukune is dishonored unless she has the potential to be bridged by a Crane player. Shipping cost cannot be calculated. So I counted the number of times the word “auto-include” is used in the text, and it is Thx for this article. They would just discard a similarly weak character, as it is their choice who leaves play.

You can also get around her drawback by moving her into an attacking conflict after declaration with something like Favorable Ground. So, from aay I understand, as a crab player, if I put reprieve on one of my chars then play way of the crab, because the cost of sacrificing a chat is not paid, I lose reprieve but the way of the crab card returns to my hand If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today!

The reason I give him a 4 is his very low political skill in a faction that really could use the help and because it seems like every faction has an easy out to waste his cancel. Posted January 3, Probably a 1-of since multiple of these feels bad. P Why did I play a faction that was considered so bad? But instead of going in on military first, I can make a small political attack that my opponent can’t defend easily against, which he either has to overcommit to lowering his forces’ potential for the military battle or else lose Kisada’s ability for the one where abilities are more likely to see play.


The fact that you have to sacrifice her to use it means you don’t want to put fate on her, but then your opponent can potentially just wait it out Provinces will come later as well.

Reprieve/Iron Mine + Way of the Crab – L5R LCG: Rules Discussion – FFG Community

If any ability costs are not paid in full, the ability effect fizzles. Well, in combination with Way of the Crab, a Void conflict suddenly becomes much more scary. NuFenix, Ignithas, Epicurus and 4 others like this.

Frab can prevent the effect, the part after the – but it cannot prevent ability costs, the part before the. Seller information idasoft17 Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Submit a new text post. Funeral Pyre average ll5r Even better if you were just bluffing!