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KTM Powerparts

Photo by Adam Booth. Manufactured from high-strength T6 aluminum – the world’s strongest aluminum. Fully automatic and economical battery charging by means of programmed charge characteristic.

Welcome to Weekly Dirt, the best place on tkm Internet for off-road news from around the world. Never lose a bolt again! Can also be fitted to original header on the SMC. This mat is already obligatory at many races. Integrated pressure release valve for accurate powerwera adjustment.

The precise workmanship is eye-catching. These high-quality aluminum CNC components feature a superior abrasion-resistant eloxal coating and make a bold visual statement. The CNC-machined handlebar mounting with cushioning rubber inserts relieves wrist powerwfar shoulder joints.

Disengageable display and work area lighting. The repaired part can be used again after as little as 60 minutes. Recommended, very practical, high quality tool to help you twist safety wire This little package contains all you need for securing your helmet safely on your KTM.


Like most racers going overseas, he had some last-minute personal-preference items with him as checked luggage, including extra suspension units. Gathr can also facilitate screenings in a wide array of venues such as libraries or community centers, all you need are seats and digital projection capabilities. Whether you’re removing fairings or changing the oil, you’ll definitely find the right tool here.

2013 PowerWear Catalogue

Completely waterproof and flexible in size! Can also be fitted in combination with the PHDS-handlebar support. Harder orange material on the inside and at the grip ends for a long service life Softer black material on the outside, where the hand lies on the grip, for increased comfort With open grip ends for closed handguards or bar ends. For longer trips, we recommend this extremely low-wear, QStE steel sprocket.

The seal set contains all the seals you need krm repair your cylinder. SpareParts Kits Other Thread insert 8×8. Shines as soon as it is illuminated by powerwfar headlight.

KTM POWERPARTS – Redline Motorcycles

This is necessary to install the components together. Only for use in combination with Akrapovi? SpareParts Kits Clutch kit Clutch kit. Premium quality, anodized surface finish. The total length is approx. Robust and elegant aluminum case, which passes all tests with flying colors, from daily rides through to adventures: High-quality U-lock made from hardened steel with a double locking mechanism. Body made from 1. KTM recommends checking after every offroad use or after km of road use.


PowerParts Footrests Pivot Pegz. Original trim parts without serial decorations as the optimum basis for the graphics kit. Extra thick film; protects the outer tubes against stone impact.

These mats conform with the official FIM regulations already mandatory on many routes corresponds. The powerewar half-waffle grip has been powrwear to meet the demands and preferences of our factory riders, with the clear objectives: Smooth flat with water by hand for an even surface.

SpareParts Kits Other Thread insert 12x Dismantle stand, leave bracket on the bike and plug in adapter for the side stand sensor. Use within 2 minutes. PowerParts Footrests Side stand removal kit. Simple to slide onto the grips. Keeps water out of the silencer during cleaning.