The Blood Slaughterer, also known as the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne, is a large, gore-splattered Daemon Engine made of brass and black iron that is. Does anyone know where I can find an assembly directions page for this model? My box didn’t come with any, and I REALLY don’t want to. Jul 16, as the title suggests, are blood slaughterers any good in regular games of Their stats alone are kinda unimpressive and you’d probaby have.

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In the millennia that followed the Horus Heresy, war machines identified or reported under the designation “Slaughterer,” showing a wide variety in size, configuration, and power if not role, were encountered in many different war zones, most near the Eye of Terror.

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Blood Slaughterer

Daemon Engines of Tzeentch: If so, how many would you take, a full full squad of 3? Place him as close to his original position as possible as if he had just arrived bliod deep strike.

If it has coffee stains and is printed on recycled chinese toilet paper, then it is definitely the official instructions. They ripped through anything, flesh or steel that opposed them, savage and berserk, drowning the streets of Armageddon’s hive cities in a red tide of butchery and death.

There have also been sightings of the beasts during the fall of the Sabbat Worlds slaughtrrer the Forces of Chaos and as far away as the southern galactic fringe uprisings.

He is not cheap coming in at pts plus upgrades, but he is pretty nasty! His invulnerable be boosted by allied Grimour or cursed earth too. Also, if you played daemons during rulfs harrowing time to be a daemons player, you could take these and they had to deep strike like the rest of your army, thus helping you bypass some of the major flaws of the unit; essentially, playing Daemons was the tax for fielding this freight train.

  ASTM D3451 06 PDF

If you are taking this formation on its own I would seriously consider adding one or two slauggterer these guys to hold your backfield while your scorpion takes the fight to the enemy.

Are Khorne Blood Slaughterers any good?

This guy is a horrible match for this formation, Helrakes are very strong units but in this formation they do not gain a single benefit. I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. The Blood Slaughterer is a Chaos Daemon Engine devoted to Khornelarger than a Dreadnought, the Blood Slaughterer has a hunched, tick-like appearance and is armed with a multitude of monstrously large claws and blades making it a formidable weapon of war on the battlefield.

How are they size-wise compared to maulerfiends? This is a rippa of a formation!

[TMP] Blood Slaughterer of Khorne with Impaler at Games Day UK

Check my gallery to see them. PS I put mine on bases. Does anyone know where I can find an assembly directions page for this model?

Personally as a balls to the walls Khornate Combat lunatic my favourite loadout is the standard with 2 siege claws with inbuilt Heavy Flamers. They’re tough, fast, and dish out loads of punishment; Forgeworld only made them better at it while giving them a better model, TBH. It is surmised by the savants of the Ordo Malleus that Dules Slaughterers are constructed, or otherwise called into being, by the artifice of the Dark Magi of the Hell-Forge of Sarum — the source of the legend of the Killing Star.


Im currently trying to build the Vraksian Beserker Ogryns as my spawn using other kits, so the proxy idea would fit right in my double mauler lists!

Harbinger – Hell Blade – Hell Talon. Not only are there no crappy tax units but the units included are some of our strongest! With weapons and mobility restored and D3 hull points! Thats a pretty easy 10 attacks all at S8 Ap2 with Shred. Now here is a unit that most certainly IS invited, these guys slaughgerer extremely fast and when equipped with lasher tendrils are also damn near un killable in combat! Seriously I dare you come slauughterer a more stupid name than Blood Slaughterer, well okay GW already did that with the Bloodsecrator.

Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Remember that the cutters are ‘one pair’ and operate as a single upgrade, so you get one or two extra attacks total. Managed to finish it without instructions, by staring at the Forgeworld images for about 2 minutes at a time. If the False Emperor will man tanks with scribes and clerks then we shall fill graves with fools and hypocrites. So using the blood slaughterer model as a counts as mauler fiend sounds good then. Personal tools Log in Request account.