Kadazandusun Dictionary apps is a new publication that have been created especially for all language enthusiasts all over the world as well for those who love. The first Kadazan Dictionary, “Kadazan-English and English-Kadazan Dictionary” dictionary” () published by the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia: Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association. Content language: Multiple languages. English. Austronesian languages. Linguistic type.

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Sometime later, Dompok a Kadazan Penampang and Kurup a Dusun from somewhere in the Interior of Keningau District formed their own parties each claiming to be the unifer of the race and saviour and what dictionzry you. When we want to teach a language, teach it properly I wholly disgaree with this term “Kadazandusun”.

dictionary – translation – English-Kadazan Dusun Dictionary

The funds raised from the Pensions assigned in full by these great and unifiying leaders will then be used to help promote greater unity and etc. Anonymous September 28, at I reserve the right not to publish comments with similar innuendos as from now. Your Dictkonary President is too silent on issues that concerns our community. So my vote is for Kadazan and Dusuns to be recognised a Race and Dialect which we must defend and preserve for all enternity.

Anonymous February 9, at 1: However, this is not as important as using the Kadazan language dicfionary daily conversation especially within the home environment. Did you and i gained tangible out dictiomary all these arguements even to the extent of running down our political leaders?


Instead of spliting hairs regarding our diffrences, how about uniting for the survival of our races? In summary, it is your political leaders who are bitching eachother and not the Kadazans and Dusuns. If you are really that smart please give your suggestion.

This is very true because the Indian father is my friend and we have talked to the mother as well, and both of them confirmed the fact. Anonymous Dictionart 11, at 5: Kadazan kids x minat to learn dis language coz it sounds different from what they learn from their elders.

If you and the rest of these “so called” community leaders what to so called unite yourselves”, then go ahead but but a proviso to the Kqdazandusun to exclude specifically the “minority” like me, who will live and die as a Kadazan.

Gundohing Sylvester, please fight on sir and justice will indeed prevail over this obscene acts being committed by these deranged and sick really really sick people. Nothing unsavoury to me more so we are basically are farmers. I agree with Regi Puvok.

English-Kadazan Dusun Dictionary, Glosbe

In the first place, there is no such ethnic group as ‘Kadus’. He was kadazandusuj politician and he did what he did for his political needs at that time. SJDisimon February 9, at 3: This is the stand of KDCA to coin the term with a view to uniting everybody psychologically and mentally so that they don’t fight over who is Kadazan and who is Dusun anymore.

Such translated sentences are very useful addition to dictionaries. There are thing that nobody can be wrong and nobody can be right all the way. Anonymous February 1, at Disimon, can you explain why there is a movement to change the race identity of the Dusuns and the Kadazans?


We should take back what these bastards of politicians who had done us so much harm espcially those who said they were fighting for Sabahans in cause the same fellas are still in powers in the Government till today.

The renaming diftionary the race into Kadazandusun must mean that all of them – these “great” so called leaders have to assign in total all their pensions which they will receive from the Government upon their kadazandsuun from elected office – since these YB’s have been fighting to unite allegedly since forever dictionaru hence that is why their parties have been saying KDM, Kadazandusuns and etc.

Or why do they want to subsume the “Dusuns” into a subname after the word “Kadazan” I really have not heard of it. English – Kadazan Dusun. We are either Kadazans or Dusuns.

OLAC Language Resource Catalog

I’m a true bred Kadazan from Penampang. This is possible, because through time and development process. Today they have no problem opening Amanah Saham account. Where do we go from here. What is a Dictionary? The view of Anon dated 9. Now that we have reached the millennium, there was still conflict among the Kadazans and Dusuns which was resulting in the identity crisis again.