This is the first major critical edition of Locke’s enquiry into the foundations of Christianity. Locke maintains that the essentials of the faith. John Locke said that the Word is through Jesus Christ. This is reasonable to He never taught that Christianity can be found by human reasoning. This does not. The Reasonableness of Christianity, as Delivered in the Scriptures. John Locke. Sold by Johnson and Co. And D. Eaton ().

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Sense and lust blinded their minds in some, and a careless inadvertency in others, and fearful apprehensions in most. In this sermon, our Saviour only teaches them what were the laws of his kingdom, and what they must do who were admitted into it, of which I shall have occasion to speak more at large in another place, being at present only inquiring what our Saviour proposed as matter of faith to be believed. Soon after, he preaches from a boat to the people on the shore.

The reasonableness of Christianity as delivered in the Scriptures

The Romans could not be thought to christisnity at all concerned in any other belief whatsoever, that the people might have on him. And, if we may gather what was to be believed by all nations from what was preached unto them, we may certainly know what they were commanded, Matt.

The reason whereof we may gather from Matt. And that he was the Messiah, was the great truth he took pains to convince his disciples and apostles of; appearing to them after his resurrection: For what the consequence was, of the mul titude s but thinking him so, when they were got to gether, St.

It is possible that John Locke believed, aside from what he considered politically salutary to promote, that his own understanding of Christianity was superior to that of the conventional theological partisans of his day. And that the Messiah was to be without sin, which is the import of the word Just, was the opinion of the jews, appears from John ix.

The hopes of such a kingdom, now that they had found a man that did miracles, and therefore concluded to be the Deliverer they expected; had the day before almost drawn them into an open insurrection, and involved our Saviour in it.

The Reasonableness of Christianity, as Delivered in the Scriptures

Which was a declaration of him to be the Messiah, the Son of God being as we have showed understood to signify the Messiah. It is fairly short, forty or so pages in print. Men, great or wise in knowledge, chridtianity ways of the world, would hardly have been kept from prying more narrowly into his design and conduct; or from questioning him about the ways and measures he would take, for ascending the throne; and what means were to be used towards it, and when they should in earnest set about it.


But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, and maimed, the lame and the blind; and thou shalt be blessed, for they cannot recompense thee; for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.

Nor was it without reason, that in the former lockw of his ministry, he was catitious of showing himself to them to be the Messiah. Johj calls it, Ephes. That men should repent, and believe the good tidings which fo brought them ; that ” the time was fulfilled ” for the coming of the Messiah. It was enough for him once to escape from the men of Nazareth, who were going to throw him down a precipice, for him never to preach to them again.

Where will you stop? When one proceeds chrustianity Locke did in his Reasonableness book, I have suggested, something other than an organized religion is sensed to be relied upon as sovereign, even in spiritual matters.

That such a state of extreme, irremediable torment is worse than no being at all ; if every one s own sense did not deter mine against the vain philosophy, and foolish metaphy sics of some reawonableness yet our Saviour s peremptory de cision, Matt. In the same sense the apostle seems to use the word image in other places, viz. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

John answers, He has his authority from heaven; you know I never said, I was the Messiah, but that I was sent before him. Because he could not for no thing have been so favourable to Jesus, as to be willing to release so turbulent and seditious a man ; to declare him innocent, and to cast the blame and guilt of his death, as unjust, upon the envy of the jews. According to what the evangelist says in this place, I have, for the clearer understanding of the scripture, all along put Messiah for Christ: This is so clear in these cited places, and so much the current of the New Testament, that nobody can deny, but that the doctrine of the gospel is, that death came on all men by Adam s sin ; only they differ about the signification of the word death: In short, this; which is the conclusion, drawn from all that he had said, and which he presses on them, as the thing they were to believe, viz.

He began his preaching with a command to repent, as St. John tells us, John iii. The same doctrine we find him loocke at Corinth, Acts xviii. Paul, exercising the commission to preach the gospel, which he had received in a miraculous way, ver. But what the true meaning of this discourse of our Saviour was, the confession of Pocke. From Sichar Jesus goes to Nazareth, the place he was bred up in; and there reading in the synagogue a prophecy concerning the Messiah, out of the lxi.


Then said the jews among Edition: No, it is the craftiest of all crafts. For then at the feast of tabernacles, but six months before, he tells them in the very place where he now is, viz. What evil hath he done? For as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive.

What we have from his own mouth, especially if repeated over and over again, in different places and expressions, will be past doubt and controversy. This was what Abraham believed, and was counted to him for righteousness.

So that above threescore years after our Saviour s passion for so long after, both Epiphanius and Reasonwbleness. He said, he was the Messiah: And a little after he somewhat more plainly intimates, that he is the Messiah, Mark ix. This, at least, is remarkable, that neither the cure of this blind man, nor that of the other infirm man, at the passover, above a twelve-month before, at Jerusalem, was done in the sight of the scribes, pharisees, chief priests, or rulers.

And therefore it was with reason that his discourses were directed chiefly to what they yet wanted, and were averse to, the knowledge and embracing of Jesus, their promised Messiah.

And the righteous, as our Saviour says, Matt. What from thence, by an attentive and unbiassed search, I have received, Reader, I here deliver to thee. Dost thou then own thyself to be the Messiah?

This is a de- ” ceiver and an antichrist ; whosoever chritsianity not in ” the doctrine of the Messiah, has not God. Lord, even the devils ” are subject to us in thy name. The jews had no other thoughts christianuty their Messiah, but of a mighty temporal prince, that should raise their nation into an higher degree of power, dominion, and prosperity than ever it had enjoyed. And for the same reason, he yet, here again, forbids the apostles to say that he was the Messiah, ver.