from nm, with a 4nm spectral bandwidth using a tungsten halogen light source. Model covers the UV/visible wavelength range from nm. Buy Jenway UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer, 4-nm Bandwidth; to VAC and more from our comprehensive selection of Jenway 67 Series. Jenway Model UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, Xenon Light Source, to nm Wavelength Range, 4nm Spectral Bandwidth, V: Science Lab.

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Jenway 67 series UV/visible spectrophotometers

Alternatively call our Service Team on and select option 3. A quotation for preventative maintenance Help with faulty equipment. This product is now obsolete.

Sample chamber Cole-Parmer – Jenway with automatic eight-cell changer module fitted, forand spectrophotometers.

Holder Cole-Parmer – Jenway for 10mm square cuvettes, 16 and 24mm diameter tubes, for, D,,, Genova Plus and Genova Nano spectrophotometers.

Environmental Performance Location of Manufacturer. For extra security stored information can be held on a removable memory card. Together, the touch screen and colour display give the fastest, most flexible instrument interface possible.

Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy

A quotation for preventative maintenance Help with faulty equipment Type of equipment: Summary of changes to 67 part codes. A sealed QWheelTM is provided for fine cursor control or scrolling.

Curve details with mean rate of change plus formula of line jewnay best fit. With extensive post measurement tools to ensure results are presented exactly to each users requirements the 67 series spectrophotometers also offer significant advances in data portability.


Where fine cursor control is required, using the QWheel makes the task easy and precise. Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy Jenway’s 67 series spectrophotometers offer high quality split-beam optics and a cutting-edge user interface for fast, intuitive operation. Here all data can be viewed, exported, saved or printed for generating reports and standard operating procedures.

All three instruments have modes for photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation, giving direct concentration results against single or multi-point calibrations.

Featuring sealed split beam optics, all jewnay 67s deliver more accurate measurements than single beam instruments, while being more affordable than double beam spectrophotometers. Sample chamber Cole-Parmer – Jenway with peltier module fitted, forand spectrophotometers. Carousel Cole-Parmer – Jenway additional, for use with automatic eight-cell changerforand spectrophotometers. Average delivery time weeks?

Please provide the following contact information and complete as many fields as possible.

Split beam visible and UV/Visible scanning spectrophotometers

The removable sample chamber enables a number of plug-in accessory modules to be fitted, making the rapid configuration and reconfiguration of the desired sampling options possible.

Micro-cuvettes Cole-Parmer – Jenway disposable plastic UV and visible wavelengths, for jewnay with 6075 holder, pack of Sample chamber Cole-Parmer – Jenway single cell module, fitted with water heated cuvette holderforand spectrophotometers, circulating water bath also required but not included. Extensive post-measurement tools enable results to be presented exactly to each user’s requirements.


This enables zooming to higher resolutions without the need to re-scan and full post scan re-scaling of either axis. Holder Cole-Parmer – Jenway for cuvettes, mm adjustable path length, for, D,,, Genova Plus and Genova Nano spectrophotometers. Back To Last Page. Holder Cole-Parmer – Jenway with reduced aperture for micro-cuvettes, for, D,,, Genova Plus and Genova Nano spectrophotometers.

For maximum security, PIN codes can be allocated to designated individuals, groups or departments, and each method can be tagged Public, Read Only or Personal.

Contact – Maintenance and Repair Please provide the following contact information and complete as many fields as possible. Kinetics for timed measurement and enzyme reaction monitoring. Supplied with main lead, 10 x 10mm cell holder, 2GB of internal memory, 2GB SD memory card, pack disposable cuvettes and PC software This part number has been discontinued.

The PC software included enables the easy transfer of data and methods from the instrument or SD memory card to the computer for printing, storage, presentation or further manipulation. I am looking for: Multi-Wavelength measurements with calculations based on up to 4 discrete wavelengths.