Paweł Ciećwierz is the author of Nekrofikcje ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 review , published ), Synowie Kaina, córy Lilith Rzecz o wampirach w f. Donat Szyller is the author of Martwe dziwki idą do nieba ( avg rating, 21 ratings, 1 review, published ) and Jedenaście pazurów ( avg rating. Jaga Rydzewska is the author of Wojownicy ( avg rating, 21 ratings, 2 reviews, published ), Gwiazdomorze ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 reviews.

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The first public presentation took place during Festiwal Fantastyki in Nidzica, and the next will be during Zahcon, Avangarda and Polcon.

Piorunowski, Tomasz (1969- ).

First of all – happy new year, and let the Aquarius era bring new, interesting events: My author meeting will take place at We gladly inform, that the spot production rallies.

I don’t remember how the story unfolded, but I recall the last scene: Here is a non-official list of s-f and fantasy texts published in the last year.

I hug you mightily, beliving, that the rest of Gamedec Zone team, namely Lafcadio, wiesniak and Siena, hug you too: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I hope you will like it as I love a fantastic review of “Little Toys. As the owner of such wonders I was pazurrow king. It’s a big pleasure, and, so to say, a nice comeback jeddnascie. Having achieved the ultimate knowledge will they be willing to help people? See our Returns Policy. It’s title is “Feeling of guilt” “Poczucie winy”. Here you can read the whole interview.


During last few months Marcin Jakubowski, an eminent Polish graphic artist cooperated with me creating a new gamedecverse illustration. I have a sensation, that when someone reaches the ultimate knowledge – he dies. A book theoretically for children. Thus a big analisys has been made, divided into four parts: The interview was so long, it had to be cut in half. The readers will have to wait for the second part “Gamedec: The further, the more interesting the columns will be: We just got this photograph.

There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment.

Here is my presentations plan:. Flashes” in Gildia portal. If somebody does not remember, which my book was published inI remind you: To sweeten the wait, I present you a new illustration of gamedecverse.

Came from Sumers, the oldest civilization on the Earth, dating from 4 B. I will try to make it up.

Dzieci nocy – Witold Jabłoński • BookLikes (ISBN)

In the newest NF one can read my new column “Troubles with eminence”. If you have questions, there will be occasion to express them. On this website one can vote for his favorite texts in to be nominated for Janusz Zajdel Award. When I observed toy guns at the mall lately, I thought it would be good if those yellow and red and blue toys trapped the idea of war, so that people would only play war, did not fulfill its “metal” form. Storm” review by Jakub Winiarski. The text is quite unique, because Valandil did not read the previous books about gamedec, nevertheless he praises the tome reassuring he will read it again.


I’ll be on Falkon. The time of strong ones” will be a bit higher than in the “Gamedec: As you can see, the graphic tablet he holds is real, he is real, and our joy is real. I have been busy on Facebook, as you might know.

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. If what the sound guys is right, and they will add voices during one week, we will have a neat movie in the first decade of may!

Come and see it: Did not want to shoot with metal bullets.

The texts are worth it: Here’s the plan of my lectures:. Good news for Gamedec Fans: