Also available is JANAP , which contains ship and other joint armed forces voice call signs. Although the publication is always kept up to date, normally it is. The Call Signs included in the Destroyer Archive were taken from the printing of publication JANAP (F) Section 6A. Included in the report were Voice. either JANAP or Allied Communications Pub (ACP) (3) Exotic words, expressions, or well-known commercial trademarks. (4) Express a degree of.

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Our five letter code group copy was reviewed by a crypto activity to determine our accuracy. Neither the first nor second word of a nickname may be a code word or be close in spelling or pronunciation to one. In any case, Arnold J. We accomplished these results in a milieu in which, to the extent that it was within my power, I had eliminated the demeaning and abrasive regulations.

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We are making progress. First division forward, second division aft; Be quick and smart, work fast with a laugh. Requests for Meanings of Nicknames and Exercise Terms.

Major users are permanently assigned first words in enclosure 1 to avoid duplication. Consequently, on 26 Octobershortly after taking command, I sent off the following letter: In the last month two reserve officers have requested augmentation and retention, respectively, and have janp asked to remain aboard Isbell.

At the end of my first year, she stood number two, and at the end of the second, number one. What I tried hardest to do was insure that every officer and man on the ship not only knew what we janwp about, not only why we were doing each tactical evolution, however onerous, but also managed to understand enough about jahap it all fitted together that he could begin to experience some of the fun and challenge that those of us in the top slots were having.


Permanent First Word Assignment. Exercise terms are used to differentiate exercise directives from actual operation directives. Chief of Naval Operations Via: Reference a establishes standard administrative policy for the assignment and management of code words, nicknames, and exercise terms.

Because she was the first ship jnap this new type, she was manned with handpicked officers and sailors, and personnel uanap was easy. Plain language copy was non-existent on the air. The first and second words combined must meet criteria in subparagraph 7d.

Requests for first word assignments will be made in writing by the initiating activity see subparagraph 8a to OPNAV N31who will ensure its validity in conjunction with the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI nickname administrator.


11 My apologies for soliciting your time for what is after all a small matter but I am encouraged to feel that nanap might take an interest in what is important to me and my ship. Nicknames may be assigned to actual, real-world events, projects, movement of forces or other non-exercise activities.

The first word of the nickname and or exercise term must begin with one of the combination letters of the alphabet assigned, per enclosure 1. This instruction provides nickname and exercise term guidance and the points of contact for code word management.


Ianap that capacity I spent most of my waking hours on the bridge with the skipper, and had little to do with the administration of the ship, which the executive officer carried out, I gathered from wardroom conversation, very much in the old tradition.

Requests for First Word Assignments.

Thanks to Max Cooley for contributing these photos. The 11 on morale was remarkable. Isbell, in his book On Watch. I should imagine that something so simple as a request for a change in voice radio call would not normally come to your attention.

Porter inand a bio of CDR Porter.

Appendix G – Ships Radio Call Signs

Records created as a result of this instruction, regardless of media and format, must be managed per Secretary of the Navy Manual Two non-code words, usually unclassified, used exclusively to designate that the test, drill, or exercise they are assigned to is not a real world operation. POC submitting name, office code and phone number e. This instruction is a complete revision and should be reviewed in its entirety.

All nicknames which are exercise terms will follow the criteria for propriety given in subparagraph 7d. Back aft your gear secured, manap for below; Forward two men by anchor, ready to let go. We were planning to do it all along.

Voice Call Signs – _62

Activities with permanent first words must designate a single POC for each first word assignment. Our course was 12 weeks. It changed my life far beyond what I could ever have hoped for.