James Blish was a popular science fiction writer and critic who began his literary career while still in his mid-teens. Not yet out of high school. City Fathers by James Blish: A set of computer systems which run every mechanical system in a city. Cities in Flight deals with long-term space travel. Cities in Flight is an omnibus, first published in , that collects together four novels by James Blish. Those novels themselves were.

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Earthman, Come Home is the longest book in the Cities in Inn series, even so it is still a relatively spritely pages making it a fairly quick read. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The next two are not quite so good.

Much more than spaceships and aliens, these novels dig deep into our culture, our sensabilities, our fundamental attitudes. Blish trained as a biologist at Rutgers and Mames University, and spent — as a medical technician in the U.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. From tohe worked for the Tobacco Institute.

Cities in Flight Vol. 1

Why am I reading these terrible books? May floght, Buck rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 03, Ty-real rated it liked it. They Shall Have Stars was bkish enough. Return to Book Page. The first part felt like an extended prologue. But having a somewhat episodic structure is appropriate for a city floating around space looking for work. In the compilation Cities In Flight, this is placed third in the series and is by far the longest.

Cities in Flight Vol. 1 by James Blish

And not simple citles, but stuff that would challenge the attention span of an advanced nuclear scientist. Named after the migrant workers of America’s Dust Bowl, these novels convey Blish’s “history of the future,” a brilliant and b Long out of print, the science fiction masterpiece by Hugo Award winning writer James Blish Originally published as four volumes nearly fifty years ago, Cities in Flight brings together the famed “Okie novels” of science fiction master James Blish.


I’m sure it had nerdy kids of the time wishing their city could float off among the stars. Blish trained as a biologist at Rutgers and Columbia University, and spent — as a medical technician in the U. Blish is too good a writer to use the old “As you know, Bob Its awkward and it destroys any sense of reality. The book follows the “series of vignettes” style of the last book, but with more of a serialized tone instead of an episodic one.

But it still contains a lot of very good ideas, and I suppose in the end it is worth reading in order to tie all the other novels together. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’ve just picked up the fourth book, and I’ve enjoyed the first few chapters but don’t want to continue just yet, in case theres a bigger picture I’m missing.

Oct 23, Althea Ann rated it it was ok. He worries he lacks the skills to make himself valuable enough to the city society he finds himself in, and seeks to find a way to earn a place in it.

I also didn’t get along very well with the main character. Chris is not an adult like Dr Corsi, Senator Bliss Wagoner or even spaceman Paige Russell of the first novel, which gives a different perspective to that seen already in the series. Earthman, Come Home is set a few hundred years after the previous novel.

Books by James Blish. Many of Earth cities have literally left the planet, carried aloft by anti-gravity engines called “Spindizzies.

Dec 28, Liz rated it liked it. The longevity drugs are a consequence of the space flight.

suggested order – James Blish, Cities in Flight series – Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

May 01, Matthew rated it really liked it. The concept is that anti-gravity is invented, which causes cities as a group to lift themselves off the face of the earth and to function as mercenary spaceships-for hire.


Geoff Granum rated it liked it Sep 11, Blish as the constructor of novelizations of episodes of Star Trek original series. Mar 27, Carolyn rated it it was amazing. Essentially this novel is an early Star Trek adventure. Where the other two installments are high philoposphy with some engaging sci-fi mixed in, this is very vanilla.

Blish just keeps upping the stakes in his cosmic poker game, and there’s a great ending. After the war he became the science editor for the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. Jun 13, David Bonesteel rated it it was ok. These stories were followed by the ones in the second novel “A Life for the Stars” and then finally by the first one “They shall have the stars”.

The Hruntans turn out to have been a bad choice of allies, as they hold NY hostage and demand from them an explanation of the sought-after friction-field generator tech. I’m trying to avoid checking wiki, goodreads etc. Although, not that alien, since they’re all Earth colonies. Im staying there is something wrong or fflight you are looking for if you cant read classic, somewhat dated SF. For that reason, it is more enjoyable, and less of a strain to read.

After following these characters for, in many cases, several hundred years of life, I still didn’t care whether they were happy or hurt, whether they lived or died. The protagonist is a teenage boy. It is easy to see how James Blish was selected to write the Star Trek novelizations of the original series. One thing that caught my attention: Nov 27, Manny rated fligut it was ok Shelves: