The iTegno GPRS modem is designed specifically for corporate and industrial usage. Software interface: AT command (GSM ,. and extended AT . How do I get connected to the Internet using the iTegno GPRS Modem? 3. Is GPRS . This command will list out the components attached to your Linux. iTegno 38XX GPRS Modem Diagnostic Tool Software is designed to test the requirements of . Edit your desired settings (AT Commands) into the left panel.

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You should have WinZip to do this. It also supports Li-ion battery charging, a 4×6 keypad, and an LCD interface.

Additionally, Nokia phones that use the S60 Series 60 interface, which is Symbian based, only support sending SMS messages via the modem interface, and do not support receiving SMS via the modem interface. The following Commands and sequence of events performed for sending text iteno to a mobile phone through GSM Modem interfaced with microcontroller: You must compile the code for generating HEX file.

GSM/GPRS Module | Tefera Tilahun –

The power commansd circuit is also built in the module that can be activated by using a suitable adaptor. Save the uncompressed files into the desired location in your hard drive.


Modem iTegno User Manual Gprs module 28 pages. Read, add, search phonebook entries of the SIM. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Text message may be sent through the modem by interfacing only three signals of the ar interface of modem with microcontroller i.

General Information For proper working use the components of exact values as shown in Circuit file. The kit is designed in such way that all the possible features of the microcontroller will be easily used by the students.

It operates at either the MHz or MHz frequency band. Unzip the file onto a location in your PC e.

ITegno 3800 User Manual

It depends upon the amount of information collected from GPS Engine that itegnl need at the base station for tracking vehicle or person. This will automatically update your Wizard. After uninstalling, double-click on Setup to start installation of the new software and follow the guided steps through to complete your installation of the new iTegno Mobile Office Suite.

The SMS can be sending and receiving for the data sharing and situation information and control. Help Center Find new research papers in: SMS alert for remote machine monitoring, and SMS notification for sales representatives and field technicians. Click on Save itwgno.

iTegno GSM/GPRS Modem – DB9 | iWOW

From the mobile operator perspective, a GSM modem looks just like a mobile phone. Join the World’s Largest Technical Community we respect your privacy. Run the Setup file to update your Wizard.


Skip to main content. Otherwise you just check the code with debugging mode in Keil. To update your Wizard: This command sends the itegnk number of the recipient mobile to the GSM modem. Global System for Mobile communication GSM is an architecture used for mobile communication in most of the countries.

Send the text message string “hello! Perform a simple check on the connection between HyperTerminal and the modem: Then click on Reinstall Driver.

Use the exact value crystal shown in schematic. Click on Language in the Settings list.

In Keil, you want to develop or debug the project without any hardware setup. They must be properly set up and a project with correct settings must be created in order to commadns the code. A GSM modem is a specialized type of modem which accepts a SIM card, and operates over a subscription to a mobile operator, just like a mobile phone. Please refer to the User Manual for this.