Earlier we were using PDF creator software to convert spool files. laser printer connected to iSeries · Converting IPDS to AFPDS and getting. Hello,. I did not like the first solution I found–the Get Spooled File (QSPGETSP) API. QSPGETSP is plenty capable of reading an AFPDS. it possible to convert AFP spool files to PDFs for the purposes of archiving them ( creating some sort of index over them) without a) having InfoPrint for Iseries or.

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spoolev User name of the spool file that will be converted to the PDF. I’ve seen a lot of discussion on this topic and I have a question. You may be able to find fule. For more information, please refer to the following document: This takes you to the Work with Spooled File Attributes screen.

Post by GB Free? Or, it can be made available to users through iSeries Access for Web or other application running within WebSphere. Isrries where the generated PDF file needs to be stored. X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Determine the job qualifier, file name, and spooled file number for this spooled file. This is why I am looking to somehow archive the documents in their printed form, hence the interest in PDF. I can pick out where my pertinent pieces of data are when I run the program in debug mode and look at the user space.

Document information More support for: We’re wanting to do this as cheaply as possible, since the. TXT to download the file to the PC. The New Java package dialog appears. This extra byte will be used for a First Character Form Control or FCFC character which will preserve the line spacing and page breaks in the spooled file.


Job name of the spool file that will be converted to the PDF. Post by Pjotr http: The Java settings dialog box appears. This opens the File Open dialog box. This can be found by typing Option 8 attributes next to the spooled file, and pressing the Enter key.

First, create an empty Java class that converts the spool file to a PDF using your favorite editor. By using the iText PdfWriter, we pass the document epooled we just created and fileoutputstream we created during the input arguments to create the blank PDF file in acpds location specified. Now the buffer has the spool file contents and we need to create the iText document object to store the contents of the spool file.

XXX to connect to the System i system. Rodney Johnson This can be found by typing conveert 8 attributes next to the spooled file and pressing the Enter key.

Not according to the web site it ain’t Check here to start a new keyword search. United States English English. This is an example. Charles Wilt Look to see the value specified for the Widththen use one of the following CRTPF commands to create a physical file to store the data from the spooled files.

Converting an IBM i Spool File to a PDF

The Create a new Java class window appears. During this process, many businesses want to use the existing code to reach the market arpds.

Press the F21 select assistance level key, and ensure that the assistance level is set to 2 intermediate. But they tend to be more of an exact replica. Use the Page Down key to scroll down 4 or 5 pages until you find the entry for Page size.


Converting AFP spool files to PDFs

The spooled file object has a function called getTransformedInputStream, which takes the print parameter list as input, transforms the spooled file contents based on those parameters and produces an input stream called PrintObjectTransformedInputStream. I am using format SPFR to display just the raw data itself.

Post by Walter Nasich look at this article http: Create a physical file using the CRTPF command with a record length equal to the record length of the spooled file. What I’m curious about is, since this afpdx an AFP spool file, is there is a definitive source of info other than the IBM API reference manual that says, if I have a certain capability set up in the spool file, that it will translate to a certain set of characters in the user space each and every time I retrieve it.

Post by Bill Hello all Once the document object is created, we need to create the PDF file with the name and location as specified by the input arguments. The nine arguments required for our Java class are:.

Now you should have a PDF generated with the spool file contents in the text format. But I don’t know of any way to call it outside of the iSeries Access cinvert the Web product.

Tim Swearingen Click Java Build path link on the left-side navigator Figure