Introducere în management. A Burciu, G Prelipcean, I Bostan, V Hapenciuc, C Chaşovschi, C Roman, Editura Economică, Bucureşti, 65, Professor Ph.D. Aurel BURCIU management strategies and rapid adaptation of organizational structures can Harrington, J.S. , ; Burciu A, ): a. .. Burciu, A. (), Introducere în management, Editura Economică, Bucureşti. Introducere in management fotografia produsului -4%. Aurel Burciu, Gabriela Prelipcean, Ionel Bostan · Introducere in management. RRP: ,62 leu. ,99 .

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The research which was carried out was a field research achieved through the direct investigation of the beneficiaries of the higher educational services the operation placebeing framed within the framework of periodic researches the frequency of the researchbecause it took place with space in order to come to know the time evolution of the marketing phenomenon on test specimens constituted ad-hoc for introduceee ongoing field research.

The disadvantages of the Republic of Moldova, as importance and number, are incomparably higher compared to the competitive advantages. The most important source of external knowledge comes from the customer, who takes a more and more active role in innovation process.

Within the study, our work highlights that open innovation in is impeded by risks related to technology, market place, collaboration among partners, financial sources availability, clients introducerr, workforce, knowledge and intellectual aurle rights. Having described some positive and negative sides of agricultural holdings activity we consider it expedient to systemize them in a table.

Moreover, we can distinguish such factors: It is proved that the development of such a strategy should be carried out taking into account the socioeconomic situation of the region in which commercial enterprise is located.

Moreover, the results arrived at after identifying seasonality, create the basis for short term forecasts. However, industrialized countries were more active in terms of market opening; starting from the ’80s, developing countries were convinced of the benefits of an open multilateral trading system, implementing reform measures and reduction of trade barriers as an expression of a reconfiguration of internal politics or as pressure from international organizations.

Much more students go in others countries for to realize a part of their studies and they go then at work in Europe or in outside and after they are graduates from Hapenciuc V. Athens, Greece August,pp.


Burciu, Aurel [WorldCat Identities]

It is indirectly confirmed by the above picture. An increasingly international division of labour and knowledge burciuu increased the number, and geographical diversity, of relevant knowledge sites, forcing firms to access external knowledge to support their value chain activities Rothaermel and Hess, and, thus, to create and manage connections with other organizations Hess and Rothaermel, The table below centralizes the necessary calculations conducted while measuring the concentration coefficient for the period This type of retailing has adherents among a number of manufacturers who rely on meeting customer demands through the organization of supplies of goods chosen from the directory at a convenient time for the customer.

In this study we began with the idea that the development and success of an organization depend on its resources, interaction between them and their functioning as a system. However, over time there are new problems associated with the operation and rationale for the development prospects of commercial enterprises, including theoretical problems.

Specific to manwgement current stage and point of view, the concept of economic growth of services type has been confronted with difficulties on defining and accepting, since one can talk about the reviewing of the entire political economy, understanding the reality, as well as the system, as such.

In rural areas, it is expedient to focus on a new, more comprehensive commercial network, shops of which will trade consumer goods.

cristian valentin hapenciuc – Google Scholar Citations

The article highlights the features of the socio-economic development of Chernivtsi Oblast, changes which have recently occurred in the field of commercial activities. As the experience shows the advantages of agrarian holdings over the subjects of management are revealed mainly in the economic sphere.


Foreign-economic function is particularly relevant at current stage in the conditions of recession of domestic production; it involves participation in the international exchange of goods, joint production with foreign partners, joint projects. Also they take away the land of non-effective producers forcing them to leave the agrarian business. In this context, one can see the need of a reevaluation burxiu the place and part of services, on both the economic systems of the developed countries, as well as for those with economies in progress of development.


Trends such as outsourcing, agility, and flexibility had introdhcere forced companies to reconsider their strategies and processes in other areas, and to become network organizations.

Active Perspectives on the Motivation of Human Resources in Organization to Meet Objectives

Since the 70s this trend was more pronounced in countries with developing economies and countries with economies in transition as a result of the reduction of tariff protection and implementation of export-led development policies; countries with transition economies were involved more actively in international trade, especially since the 90s, with the change of political regimes.

It lacked a mechanism for dispute resolution and its jurisdiction circumscribes especially manufactured products; it lacked the authority to interfere in agriculture, services, intellectual property rights and foreign direct investment. Dynamics of employment of unemployed in labor activity in Chernivtsi Oblast, individuals Statustychnyi shchorichyk Ukrainy, The current situation in the villages is greatly determined by the activity of the local agrarian enterprises.

Well, a commercial enterprise is interpreted as a primary, main link of trade sphere, its independent economic entity with a right of legal entity, established for the purchase, sale, and also storage of goods, providing various kinds of related services in order to meet the market demand and get profit Velychko V. As a result the formula shows: Empirical evidence shows a substantial boost of trade flows, the rate of world exports significantly outpacing GDP growth, which leads to new opportunities for development.

USVAEPA_VOL.14,ISSUE_1(19) – Facultatea de Stiinte Economice

Kyiv, Libra, p. The article defines the objective reasons stipulating the substantial potential of commercial activity in Ukraine, which is characterized by increasing competition. Nowdays there is an reduction of the small and medium enterprises in the agricultural sector of Ukraine economy.