by. John Allen Paulos. · Rating details · 3, ratings · reviews. Dozens of examples in innumeracy show us how it affects not only personal economics. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos. Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences. Front Cover. John Allen Paulos. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, – Mathematics – pages.

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Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences by John Allen Paulos

He also has some ideas for improving the state of mathematica An easy little read about mathematical illiteracy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For one hundred thousand, I generally think of the number of words in a good-size.

Innumeracy, an inability to deal comfortably with the fundamental notions of number and chance, plagues far too many otherwise knowledgeable citizens. Just as coin tosses of a completely fair coin frequently run in hot streaks in seemingly improbable ways, many of the patterns we think we see in financial markets are more noise than signal.

Review of a book on mathematical illiteracy | Bankers Anonymous

For instance, I think we can all agree that math education has been biased towards the rote memorization of formulas and terms at the expense of fluency and “playful” exploration of numerical and geometrical concepts. In the chapter on coincidence and probability, Paulos states: It is a very interesting number. It serves as an excellent antidote to tedious classroom lectures on the difference between inverse and direct proportions.

Jun 18, Boosh rated it really liked it Shelves: He also does a great job pointing out the negative impact of innumeracy on society in general – h I already believe that numbers are beautiful and just make sense but it’s always nice to read a book that agrees with you.

Mar 04, Mark Tuminello rated it it was amazing. About John Allen Paulos. Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences alken a book by mathematician John Allen Paulos about ” innumeracy ,” a term he embraced to describe the mathematical equivalent of illiteracy: Worse is that the general paulps often seem entirely arbitrary — chosen, the innumerate might suspect, merely to prove a point and not necessarily relevant in or applicable to other situations.


To attract those lacking in mathematical literacy, I should think the last thing you would want to do is to insult your intended audience by calling them innumerates. Namely, how do you convince an audience of smart-but-non-finance folks that:. There”s nothing very tricky about it: He looks at real-world examples in stock scams, psychics, astrology, sports records, elections, sex discrimination, UFOs, insurance and law, inbumeracy and drug testing.

Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences

I believe I’m not being nit-picky to say that his poor control over logic is a deterrent to finishing his book about the poor state of logic in America. Innumeracy could lead to Anyway, reasonable people often believe total crap too. So the fact that this has occasionally happened to you or someone you know should not be surprising in the least. Those are two dependent scenarios, meaning I’d have to multiply them to get the likelihood that I ever might have liked this book, which comes out to.

Despite an occasional dose of dated references gotta do something about that Strategic Defense Initiative and mild sexism suggests women avoid chem and econ classes because of maththis is a helpful look into why and how people understand numbers. Despite an occasional dose of dated references gotta do something about that Strategic Defense Initiative and One of countless books written for those who struggle dealing with numbers in any form.

Plus a lot of the examples aren’t from current events despite what the back cover says.

Apr 15, Gina rated it it was ok. To ask other readers questions about Innumeracyplease sign up.

Why don”t news magazines and newspapers make appropriate use of innumerach notation in their stories? It impacts the tone by making it sound more scholarly, more intelligent. Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos. No bibliography or index. I wanted to like this book but the open Never judge a book by its cover or, in this case, by its title.


It focuses on statistics, as they are more prominent in our world than other types of math. Not Bad Reviews blakerosser The stock falls so to the that got the initial falling letter, he sends out saying another stock will rise and that it will fall. Dozens of examples in innumeracy show us how it affects not only personal economics and travel plans, but explains mis-chosen mates, inappropriate drug-testing, and the allure of pseudo-science.

Book Review: Innumeracy, by John Allen Paulos

The definition of innumeracy is being illiterate with numbers, both in the book and in a dictionary. He offers real and current or at least recent examples, as well as alldn the maths behind many of joh examples more generally, so in places it is a straightforward well, a less than straightforward What distinguishes this from other such literature is that Paulos attempts top diagnose the root cause.

He does propose a few solutions here and there, like getting more non-mathematicians writing about math and highlighting the warmth and passion of the subject to get rid of negative stereotypes I think the establishment of statistical ombudsmen by television innumetacy, news magazines, and major newspapers would be a welcome and effective step in combating innumeracy in the media.

If so, this book could potentially blow your mind.

What the package says isn”t wrong; there are more than three billion possible states.