INFeD® improved the hemoglobin response to erythropoietic therapy in patients with documented INFeD® full Prescribing Information. Watson Pharma, Inc. 1 mL of INFeD provides 50 mg of elemental iron UpToDate (courtesy of Lexicomp), or the prescribing information. INFeD: INFeD is administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection. Before . during the acute phase of infectious renal disease (manufacturer’s information) . Therefore, the therapeutic prescription use of iron is usually compatible with.

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Distribution of iron dextran following intramuscular or intravenous injection involves uptake by reticuloendothelial cells of the liver, spleen, and bone marrow. Patients with hepatic disease should receive iron dextran with caution. DO NOT mix iron dextran with other medications. Subcutaneous injection results in slow absorption and staining of subcutaneous tissue.

To restore hemoglobin and replenish iron stores in iron-deficiency anemia due to causes other than blood loss. Transferrin eventually becomes available for reuse. Some patients received epoetin in conjunction with parenteral iron. Moderate The concomitant use of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors ACE inhibitors with iron dextran may increase the risk for anaphylactic-type reactions. Adults, Adolescents, Children, and Infants 4 months and older.

Iron dextran is classified in FDA pregnancy risk category C. Minor Iron stores should be replete before and during treatment with an ESA. Serious anaphylactoid reactions require appropriate resuscitative measures.


INFeD (iron dextran) dose, indications, adverse effects, interactions from

Iron supplementation may be needed before and during therapy e. Uptake by these cells occurs at a rate of about 10—20 mg per hour. The first stage involves an inflammatory reaction at the site of injection which aids the passage of the drug into the lymphatic system. Give INFeD test doses gradually over at least 30 seconds. Patients with preexisting cardiac disease may have exacerbation of cardiovascular symptoms if adverse effects occur following iron dextran administration. Iron dextran is not hemodialyzable.

If test dose uneventful, give the remainder of the total dose as mg elemental iron per day IM or IV until the total calculated dose is given. Once taken into reticuloendothelial cells, the iron from the iron dextran complex is separated and added to the body’s total iron stores.

Fatal reactions have occurred following the test dose of iron dextran and also have occurred after other doses when the test dose was tolerated. Consider the benefits of breast-feeding, the risk of potential infant drug exposure, and the risk of an preecribing or inadequately treated condition. Cardiovascular adverse effects may also occur with iron dextran therapy, and do not necessarily indicate hypersensitivity.

Minor It is informtion that iron stores be replete before beginning therapy with darbepoetin alfa due to increased iron knfed.

DexFerrum is administered by intravenous injection only. Iron dextran is not FDA-approved to be ihfed as a total dose infusion. A therapeutic response to treatment with iron products is dependent on the patient’s ability to absorb and use the iron, and it is influenced by the cause of the deficiency as well as other illnesses that can affect normal erythropoiesis. Ingormation and Adolescent menstruating, premenopausal women. If test dose uneventful, give the remainder of the total dose as 25 mg of iron dextran per day IM or slow IV until the total calculated dose see equation is given.


Too much iron can be toxic, and iron is not easily eliminated from the body. Patients receiving exogenous iron therapy require periodic monitoring of hematologic and hematinic parameters i.

Your Name Your name is required. Iron crosses the placenta, and pregnancy increases iron-intake requirements.

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Do not administer iron dextran to patients with evidence of iron overload e. Hemosiderosis secondary to long-term iron dextran treatment has primarily been reported in patients with renal failure receiving dialysis. In general, iron supplementation should not begin in premature infants until adequate vitamin E is supplied in the diet; human breast milk and modern infant formulas usually supply adequate dietary vitamin E.

If test dose uneventful, infuse the remainder of the total calculated dose IV over 2 to 6 hours.