The McBurney incision has largely been supplanted by the Rockey-Davis incision, which is oriented transversely as opposed to obliquely, allowing for better. Rockey-Davis incision. Transverse skin incision in right lower quadrant with muscle splitting technique used in appendectomy. Cases have been seen in which an abdominal incision extends from the xyphoid process to the . Transverse or Davis-Rockey Incision (fig ‚Äč(fig10)10) ().

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The infraumbilical midline incision also divides the linea alba.

Surgical incision – Wikipedia

The Cherney incision for gynaecologic cancer. McGraw-Hill Book Company; Indeed, the adequacy of an incision is determined above all incsion by the safety with which an operation can be undertaken.

The second midline incision may be considered in patients with pathology that extends beyond the right lower quadrant. Alternatively, when superior incisiin of upper abdominal organs eg, the esophagogastric junction is required, thoracoabdominal incisions may be used.

Kocher’s Incision Incieion subcostal incision is started at the midline, 2 to 5 cm below the xiphoid and extends downwards, outwards and parallel to and about 2. Some surgeons still prefer to split the rectus muscle rather than dissect it free Guillou et al, But diadvantage is less exposure, which can be dangerous in cases of difficult anatomy incixion lot of adhesions and chances of injury to bile ducts or other structures Kopelman et al, ; Gupta et al, It has good cosmetic effect.


Surgical incision

Robe and Smith’s Operative Surgery. After ligation of the phrenic vessels in the line of the incision, the diaphragm is divided radially Zinner et al, Mastery of Surgery In: Transverse and oblique incisions can be placed in any of the four quadrants of the ravis depending on the site of pathology.

Annals of Surgery, Accessibility Extensibility Security The incision must not only give ready and direct access to the anatomy to be investigated but also provide sufficient room for the operation to be performed Velanovich, Appendix in Principles of Surgery. Certain incisions, popular in the past, have been abandoned, and appropriately so.

Paramedian Incisions The skin incision is placed 2 to 5 cm lateral to the midline over the medial aspect of the bulging transverse convexity of the rectus muscle.

The abdomen is explored first through the abdominal incision to assess for the operative exposure and necessity for thoracic extension. However, if palpation reveals a mass, the incision can be placed directly over the mass. Please review our privacy policy. Southern Medical Journal, 90 2: A chest retractor is inserted and opened to produce wide spreading of the intercostal space. In the early years of kidney transplantation 2 surgery, this incision was very popular in preparing a kidney recipient for transplantation.

Australian Journal of surgery, 63 1: It is suitable for dealing with acute appendicitis and pathologies in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. The intercostals muscles are divided with cautery and pleural cavity is opened and lung allowed to collapse.

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British Journal of Surgery, 62 4: Its anterior and posterior sheaths are closed without any serious weakening of the abdominal muscle because the incision passes between adjacent nerves without injuring them.

There is this wrong notion that the only standard abdominal incision is the midline incision. Abdomen and Rectum and Anus.

The only difference is that inferior epigastric vessels are exposed rocley the posterior compartment of the rectus sheath and the transversalis fascia is found in the anterior fascial layer below the semicircular line of Douglas. A muscle retracting subcostal incision for cholecystectomy. With this, adequate hernia repair can be performed, and it also gives a good cosmetic result.


The rectus muscles are then retracted laterally and the peritoneum opened vertically in the midline, with care being taken not to injure the bladder at the lower end. The deep inferior epigastric vessels are encountered below the umbilicus and require ligation and division if they course medially along the line of the incision Chuter et al, The sheath is then separated widely, above and below from the underlying rectus muscle. Otherwise it is hidden from view.