Houellebecq’s controversial novel, which caused an uproar in France last year, finally reaches our shores. Whether it will make similar waves here remains to be . An international literary phenomenon, The Elementary Particles is a frighteningly original novel–part Marguerite Duras and part Bret Easton Ellis-that. You’re not meant to like Atomised, by Michel Houellebecq, warns Nicholas Lezard.

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International Dublin Literary Award recipient Lots of the bashing is valid, but much else is not, and he undermines his valid points when he makes statements such as this that are so completely and obviously inaccurate.

I’d be embarrassed to recommend it to most people, based on its graphic sexual content and bleak view of human relations, though if I were honest I’d admit I think he’s got a lot right.

Michel Djerzinski is a diligent, brilliant scientist who gives up his job as a researcher working on decoding genomes or whatever in order “to think”. Bruno also meets an appropriate mate in Christiane, though there is still quite some emptiness there as they look for fulfillment by joining other couples in group sex and the like.

Instead of experiencing life as one long torment of desire, Michel hardly feels desire at all. Sample quote “If it hadn’t been my son, I wouldn’t read that kind of crap, I would put it down straight away, because if there’s one thing I detest in the world it’s pornography. One interesting angle is that the book contrasts the materialistic world-view that has him in its jaws against the traditional Christian world-view.

I recently read Eldmentary Hunger ; the poor guy in Hamsun is broke and hungry, and no matter what he tries to think about he always comes back to money and food within a few minutes. The first time it had been painful, but afterward she enjoyed it. And, in passing, that the translation would appear to be first-rate. The novel shows a consistent disgust for human bodies and sexuality which I thought rather juvenile.


A lot of this book consists of a tirade of hatred against the author’s dear mama. Some of this is illustrated with neatly-done set pieces, other parts are more didactic. It’s probably not an accident that, when Bruno does in the end meet a woman who truly loves him, she’s called Christiane. Love is merely a chemical reaction.

The Elementary Particles

Houellebecq reinforces his point constantly with grisly, sordid, and humiliating descriptions of sex acts. Other races will appear, and disappear in turn. Masterbation fodder, or else just more houellegecq people. It is certainly meant tongue in cheek, as much of the criticism Bruno offers applies to author Houellebecq as well: Though I’m also warning you that houellebeqc could significantly gouellebecq the date of your demise.

An entirely compassionate work of art, in its way, in that it’s about ending human suffering and moving beyond desire and death. Oh really fuck those guys, especially Deleuze, but make it clear we don’t like any of those guys from the 60’s. If you can handle some pretty graphic sex combined with a story of nihilism, ennui and some hard examination of the consumerist wasteland that is modern Western society, then strap in for a damn fine novel.

In AprilHouellebecq’s estranged mother, Lucie Ceccaldi, returned to France to publish The Innocent Onea rebuttal of his alleged mis-characterization of her parenting as contained in the novel. Houellebecq provides none of these things. The Elementary Particles is a pessimistic not depressing book; a cynical not skeptical particcles a realistic not sexual or dirty one.

Here, it comes across houellevecq a rather moving scene. View all 6 comments. The sex in The Elementary Particles is graphic, drawn-out, and explicit. Grief pulls us downward into that ever-widening chasm of need until we disappear. The book put me in all possible moods — I cried and laughed and felt sad, then was ignorant and rude and then bearable again. Save the e-mails from academic institutions and research facilities abroad that Michel receives and some xenophobic rants there does not even seem to be much of an outside world.


With age, the noise becomes increasingly insistent, like a dull roar with the occasional screech. The artistry is like a painting, the reading is like some immersive exercise that blends sex with study of molecular biology in new and intelligent ways. The simplistic ends are then predictable as they both take the inevitable if not necessarily honourable way out.

Nov 10, Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: Note that there is a lot of sex in The Elementary Particles — generally of the gratuitous, unpleasant, and unfulfilling variety. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Lovecraftin which we find many elements of “The Elementary Particles”. elemetary

Atomised – Wikipedia

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Materialism specifically—the chasm of need instilled within people who then feel inferior because of genes, the natural process of aging, economic position, etc. H is constantly throwing in little zingers throughout the book. The two brothers are separated entities who belong to the same sphere of humanity. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat So, there you go: