Sep 14, El hexagrama 31 es llamado 咸 (hsien), “El Influjo”. Hexagram Xián, Affect and affection. Gua Poem: Affect, expansion Harvest – determination. To take a woman is auspicious. The great image. Connect what belongs together. Don’t diminish your involvements. Get rid of personal ambition and accept all the people. Beware of bigotry, prejudice.

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It is true that if we cannot be influenced ourselves, we cannot influence the outside world. Avoid premature infatuation and hasty action. Unseen forces work toward change. This is a very favorable influence. Be true, content, and loving to yourself and their will be good fortune. The influence here doesn’t come from the heart, but from a region near the heart: To understand the principles of the Work we must be able to see the “obvious” as symbolic of an abstraction — and vice- versa.

Change from the Inside Out: Far from being a sexist idea, the symbolism reveals a profound archetypal truth. Do not focus on driving forward alone A person should refrain from running after those he would like to influence, yielding hexagram the whims of his master, and acquiescing to the hedagrama of his own heart.

Two people are affecting hexaggrama other in a mutual way and the connection endures even without communication. If we cannot be influenced ourselves we cannot influence the outer world. Perhaps it’s the beginning of a compelling attraction or an idea just coming to light. Sensing in the big toe. This is a strong line in a weak place, hence it has a twofold possibility. Correctness brings good fortune, and regret disappears.


There will be good fortune to marry a young woman. It emphasizes that bringing these parts into contact is the adequate way to handle the situation The shrouding clouds bring no rain yet but the hidden connection is made.

There is a marsh in the mountain; this is Affection. Sensing gets through, beneficial if correct. Avoid conscious plotting and manipulation, however, for this will choke off the source of true feeling, leaving you stressed out and tired. The central injunction is to embrace the woman and the yin, to submit and be moved. Sensation in the thighs also denotes restlessness; while being guided by the will of a wife or subordinate involves clinging hexarama what is inferior.

The hardest part of symbolic interpretation is to know where in the continuum a specific symbol belongs in any given situation. Be careful about drawing conclusions. Ehxagrama is there of anxious scheming? Yielding, not harming indeed. Compare the first three lines with hexagram number 52, Keeping Still. This betokens inability to impose our will as yet. Taking a wife will result in good fortune. Pay special attention to the elemental forces between hexsgrama. The desire to influence a specific person or situation is now enhanced.

Create a congenial atmosphere.

I Ching Hexagram 31 – Hsien (Influence/Wooing) | Cafe au Soul

You must disengage from trying to convince others with talk that appears to have no substance. In response to the magnetic attraction between two people, the masculine principle the creative, outgoing seizes the initiative and then submits to the feminine the receptive, nourishing.

The ego, on the other hand, dwells in spacetime and is able to take action: Make an offering and you will succeed. The lesson of this hexagram then, is the realization that the only correct source of power lies with the Self, and that the ego must yield heexagrama that source as a bride to her bridegroom.


Coming and going ceaselessly, companions follow your thoughts. Therefore, if you are wooing something like fear, you may observe how you also attract an opportunity to fortify it. Despite the “no remorse,” this is can be a less than positive line. There has not yet been any harm from a selfish wish to influence, yet his power to influence is neither brilliant nor great. In fact, I knew not whether the wind was riding on me, or whether I was riding on the wind. Receipt; beneficial to determine; to take to wife a woman is auspicious.

Step hezagrama the norms.

Line 2 If a woman winks or a man smiles, is this grounds for marriage? His mind vacillates, but his friends will be able to follow his thoughts.

31: Mutual Attraction

What you feel now is the sign of something great. Not-yet influencing harming indeed. You need intuition, use listening to find it. Therefore, mutual influence, correct in itself, and for correct ends is sure to be effective.

The lines of the hexagram all deal with moving or influencing to movement, and the figure is an essay on the different ways of creating an influence, and the results engendered thereby. Although your motives are sincere, they are not in accordance with reality.

When the will is directed to things that one’s followers hold to, this is very base.