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A Nurse spoils a good huswife. Chacun scait dompter vn’ harenguere fors celuy qui l’a pour femme. The penny is good that saves a groat.

Dios nos embia la comida, y el Diablo el cozinero. Ther’s a Devil in every berry of the Grape.

The Devil shites upon the Usurers heaps. Eggs and helo nutt, one may buy of a slutt. Riches like muck which stinks in a heap, but scatterd fructifieth the earth. Los Barveros son corregidores de crimines capitales. As long as the stock bears stemmes, it never brancheth, viz. Aime ton voisin ce neantmoins n’abbas pas ton haye. Nor doth the English language enfranchize French words only, but divers choice expressive words from the Italian, and Spaniard with others, Insomuch that she may be sayed to be Dutch embrodered with French and other toungs, or she may be sayed to be like one that garhers sweet flowers out of divers banks, and beds to make a nosegay; But tis a thing that gravells all Antiquaries how so many Greek words shold be found in the English toung, being the same both for sense and signification, as [ If there be not good thoughts, there are bad.


And forgef us scylda urna, And forgive us our debts sue we forgefan scyldgum urum as we forgive debts ours And no inlead usith in costnung and not lead us into temptation Ah gefrig urich from ifle but deliver us from Evill. I beat the bush, and another catcheth the Hare. Men fear heilo as children do to go in the dark.

Madre vieja, y camisa rota, no es deshonra. Download – UpdateStar – Download the free trial version below to get started. Como la campana suena el loco piensa.

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La muger y la cereza, por su mal se afeyta: I love his little finger more then thy whole body. Sistemas Estruturais Ilustrados Ching. Give all away to one son. Now, it happened that some prophane persons made of purpose some kinde of sheaves wherein there were no grains, wherewith they payed their tithes: Gli huomini temono la morte come gli fanciulli la scurita.

Touching Sleep, who is the King of Repose, sleep in the day when thou wilt, and in the night helo much as thou canst; make night of night, and day of day, then thou maist sing welladay: El queso del Rey va mas de la mitad en cortezas. Good cheap is dear, for it tempts one to buy what he needs not. Quando la casa heli tu vezino abrasa por la lumbre del fuego veras tu peligro. To render good for evil is Charity, evil for good cruelty, ill for ill revenge, good crexer good justice.


Penny in pocket is a good companion. A Burford bait; viz. A Scott’s mist wetteth an Englishman to the skinne. Quoy que vous ayez assez credet Parens cherissez vos amis.

Qui peut auoir vn lot du lait pour deux liards, n’a pas besoin de garder vne vache.

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But after melon wine is a felon; let there be salt withall, helii the French man will tell you again, ’tis a banquet for the Devil where there is no salt. He will live as long as old Russe of Pottern, who lived till all the world was weary of him.

At TorrentSearchWeb we have implemented a range of filters to prevent such torrents to be indexed. Ce Proverbe prenoit son origine du temps de Roy Jean quand il estoit prisonner en Angleterre, car alois [ To rise at six, and dine at creedr to sup at six, and go to bed at ten, will make a man live ten times ten. The Crow thinks her own birds the fairest. When thy neighbours house is on fire by its light thou mayest see thine own danger. Tost meur, tost pourri.