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Maybe he has been in jail and wants to go into hiding, or perhaps he is a philosopher looking for peace; in any case, here he comes, a human being in the hqmbre of this immense solitude. He’s not writing his letters to get Inger a lighter sentence and negotiating with his wife’s family for financial assurance out in the rural home so esteemed in the book, that’s for sure.

Growth of the Soil, by Knut Hamsun 1 13 Apr 16, I really recommend this, it would change your life. Mar 16, Elena Holmgren rated it it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Dd, that is, an author takes the trouble to excavate the silences for us, and make us known to ourselves, as Hamsun strives to. And then it was evening, and I need to go to sleep.

Knut Hamsun Center, Norway – ARQA

Was it because, long ago when I was hammsun younger, I too lived by myself in a wild country for a yearwith my pig, chickens and dogs as daily companions? Inger is left to try to squeeze herself into Isak’s world. At the least, to remember.

I wonder what Hamsun would’ve said to the skyrocketing of artifice that was to be the fate of modern art. A ten star book and a true masterpiece. View all 29 comments. Thus was made the road through the great Almenning–the common tracts without an owner; no-man’s-land. Men make the laws; we women have no influence on this.

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Hamsun obviously has a message, and I’m not u it. View all 9 comments. Hamsun’s work is not embedded in his own hateful perspectives. There are a couple of powerful scenes scattered around as well – such as one where he can’t dig out a rock because of his ageing body and is embarrassed or where he must seek the legal ownership of land he thought he had owned for such a long time.

Knut Hamsun Center, Norway

No trivia or quizzes yet. Loved the steady tone, how the tense switches within paragraphs present tense for scenes, otherwise simple or continual past. Herning Center for the Arts, Denmark. A man nambre everything; his powers above, his dreams, his loves, his wealth of superstition.

Putting aside all the ugly Nazi business, Hamsun has a brilliant mind and voice and it would be a shame for his novels to be passed over.

Those are like devilish inspirations which fill minds of people with all sorts of wicked wishes to live in them. View all 14 comments. The other two are optional and vary depending on the book: Just how does she shape her home environment? On the front cover is a young man walking on plowed ground. As much as a reader may apn to come before a book with an open mind, there are always at least three barriers to an unadulterated read.

The meanings by which we truly live, Hamsun poignantly suggests, lie buried inside. It was fortunate both for her and the child.

Not everyone has the physical strength and soul consuming interest in building and growing and shiny tools to take the path Isak did and become rich in the process. Isaac is a tiller of soil and loves his job passionately.

However, his later identification with fascist Germany may also find an explanation in the worship of the Nordic, the fear of foreign influences, the focus on protecting national identity rather than accepting a range of new perspectives.

View all 24 comments. One solitary praise, from another writer, H. It is same with rest of the novel, a lot of action that didn’t prompt much of thinking in me. Anything that goes against this is wrong, weak, spoiled and unnatural with the blame for such often lying in the midst of many an urbanized center.


As a general rule, people don’t sympathize with fascists – but one can try to understand why to feel what they do.

Absolutely nothing about who the author is, or his other books, not even about his having won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Only one anti-semitic comment toward the end uttered by one of the book’s most charismatic characters — he also rips Americans too — whatever tempts settlers from life in synch with trees and mountains is dissed in this. Hamsun is not alone among moderns in his exploration, of course. Sivert observa as fe e olha para elas como num sonho.

He masterfully manipulates time, as it passes in spurts sometimes burning quickly through chunks of years or slowly moving through a season, yet the pace and flow never falters as Hamsun seems to evenly disperse his timeline. The political stain of Hamsun’s later years does not take away from his narrative power, but it should be mentioned as part of who he was, and knt he developed into.

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Growth of the Soil

The world ha,bre to stand still for a moment, until the flock had disappeared. Wasn’t sure whether to shelve this as “classics newly read” or “classics read anew. It is beautifully written, and it does not come up with any ideological message, although it could well have done.

This is clearly an assertion that prisons function best when they emphasize reformation over punishment.