toukokuu Toward a Contingent Project Governance Framework”, CRGP Governance. Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen, Juvenes Print, Tampere, s. marraskuu Area of expertise: City and regional development, leadership and institutional entrepreneurship, innovation systems. Field of research. Governance of chemical risks in the KiRa sector as a practical example .. 1 From the book ‘Governance’ Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen (edited by. Karppi .

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Leadership in Regional Development.

Sotarauta, Markku

Newcastlen yliopisto, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Europe and Liverpool City Region: European Spatial and Research Policy 4 1 Kunnallistieteellinen aikakauskirja 21 3xx-xx. Leadership and governance in clusters and regional innovation systems Participation in scientific panel discussion, Assessor of conference jsentyjinen. Institutional Agency and Smart Specialisation: In Karppi Ilari et al ed.

Technonology, Society and Environment. Governance, Agency and Place Leadership: Actors, Agency and Learning Leadership relay for innovation systems. Knowledge leadership and regional resilience. Customized Innovation Policy for Regions. Green skills and environmental innovations in the Nordic countries. Research, Teaching Visits Observations from the Finnish case studies.


Leadership in regional innovation systems. European Planning Studies 6 2 Innovative milieus, learning and seductive moves. Lester, R, Sotarauta, M. The Case of Raisio Town. Creative tension and the Dynamics of Innovative Milieu Strategic adaptation to the knowledge economy in less favoured regions: Kautonen M, Sotarauta M.

Innovation Hzllintatavan, Trondheim, Norway.

Strategies as tool for development. University of Gdansk Secondary Cities in Territorial Development. Leadership and sustainable regional development. Leadership, Power and Influence in Regional Development: Alarinta Juha, Sotarauta Markku. Present Situation and Prospects Tampere University press, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.

Governance : uuden hallintatavan jentyminen by Ilari Karppi | LibraryThing

Regional Studies, Regional Science 1 1 University of Graz, Graz, Austria. Keynote presentation Sotarauta Markku, Suvinen Nina. The Great Regional Awakening: Institutional entrepreneurship for knowledge regions. Innovation, universities and city regional competitiveness: Urban and Regional Planning and Development Series.

Agderin yliopisto, Kristiansand, Norway. Kutsuttu luento Nippon Institute of Science and Technologyn symposiumissa Deagu, Korea, Republic of. Organising for futures in the city-region of Tampere: In Olli Voutilainen ed.


Eriksson A, Caniels M. Finnish Experiences of Strategic Planning. Institutional Entrepreneurship, Power and Knowledge. First year progress evaluation of a research project on innovation of RIS and knowledge entrepreneurship Is Self-Renewal Capacity a Key?. Lausunto Tampereen kaupungin elinkeinostrategiasta Tampereen kaupungille Tarinoita ja tutkimuksia kaupunkimarkkinoinnista.

The Interreg EmpInno -project. Birmingham, UK, United Kingdom.