Albert Speer was not only Hitler’s architect and armaments minister, but the Fuhrer’s closest friend–his “unhappy love.” Speer was one of the few defendants at. Gitta Sereny, CBE (13 March – 14 June ) was an Austrian-British biographer, The book was also later adapted by David Edgar as the play Albert Speer and directed by Trevor Nunn at the National Theatre in The book even. From Speer was the second most powerful man in the Reich and Hitler’s right-hand man. Gitta Sereny, through twelve years of research and through many.

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Albert Speer

The Case of Mary Bell: Thus, he served a year prison sentence and spent the rest of his life trying to face up to his onetime devotion and faithful service to Hitler and his regime.

However, this is far from a heroic stand against a criminal action, and can be seen more as an attempt to evade responsibility.

Feb 19, Melody rated it it was amazing. Somehow managing to escape with his life after Nuremberg, he spent twenty years in relative solitude, writing his memoirs which were published as Inside the Third Reich and Spandau: Instead of just being a biography starting from Speer’s childhood up to his death init also contains a painstakingly detailed and documented account of the main episodes of WWII.

At times he could be extremely glib — but yet he changed, while many of his generation did not acknowledge their responsibility. Sereny dereny of what she calls Speer’s “profound speet with his own conscience … his battle with his soul … ambivalence between his moral necessity to confront the long-repressed guilt of his terrible knowledge of the murder of the Jews … and a desperate need to deny that knowledge and thus the guilt … this ambivalence dominated his life from Nurenberg until shortly before his death” These are precise I have read only the introduction, but I think this will be a very valuable resource for me.

Some assertions, and even quotes, have no citations at all.

It also deals with Speer’s sense of guilt, the main source that shaped his life after the end of the War. It is also, after all, a very interesting account of this mysterious man.


Sereny was born in ViennaAustria in The book is not up to the research standards of a scholarly monograph, albegt it remains a useful account of a gltta subject. The Secret D Albert Speer, “Hitler’s architect” and the Minister of Armaments and War Production after his predecessor’s death inis the only high-ranking Nazi official who accepted, really, any blame for the Third Reich’s systematic slaughter of the Jews, Poles, Romanis, Russians, political dissidents, etc.

I am sure it is not an easy life to be the daughter of one of the most powerful man of the Nazi regime, but she dealt with it in such an admirable way. Books by Gitta Sereny. Margit promptly fled to Switzerland with her daughter. It hurt her to do it, and she was glad when the program serent ended, but she did it because it was her job. She takes the reader through a history of the Third Reich in such detail that all of the principle characters are developed including Hitler.

Refresh and try again.

Gitta Sereny

He was only one man but a unique one in the Nazi hierarchy for his intelligence and incorruptibility, so far as his lifestyle was concerned. He was a man not known for conversation, not a people person, not one given to showing emotion or revealing his thoughts even to his family.

Open Preview See a Problem? Gigta book explores the circumstances around Speer’s life and lets the reader judge whether such a denial is possible. When the Nuremberg Trials were conducted I was in Germany, and when Speer was spared the death penalty by the court, I thought he had got off lightly, considering his orchestration of Germany’s slave l I was born a generation after Speer but I fought in the Second World War, as a member of the RAF, and in its aftermath I was a part of the allied occupation forces stationed in Hamburg.

This book is so profound it should be required reading for all present day, bankers, politicians, technocrats or those that seek the power to rule other people’s lives. Albbert all 9 comments. Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. Sereny’s book, while to a large degree a sympathetic biography of a fascinating and likable man she and Speer were friends until albett death innevertheless manages to challenge this standpoint.

I found myself thinking “that’s Schlesien, isn’t it? Bill Clinton was igtta that he did nothing as president zpeer stop the slaughter in Rwanda.


Richard Overy reviews ‘Albert Speer’ by Gitta Sereny · LRB 21 September

Fascinating gittx all sorts of ways, of course, but one aspect of this book that’s stayed with me is Sereny’s exploration of that grey area between knowing and not knowing. Labert book is also a albetr private account of the man’s life, and I believe some of her admiration of him does come through when reading it.

Preview — Albert Speer by Gitta Sereny. It’s not necessary, perhaps, but I do wonder about it. The year-by-year record is patchy; the book jumps between past and present, confusingly so at times. For both of them, when humanity comes into conflict with what they see as their jobs, humanity falls.

She attended the Nuremberg Trials for four days in as an observer and it was here that she first saw Albert Speer about whom she would later write the book Albert Speer: If those shirts you designed are selling like hotcakes you are hardly likely to think of investigating whether they are being made in sweatshops in a distant country where employees are committing suicide.

As Gitta Sereny’s fascinating book points out, Speer seemed a legitimate tortured soul post-Nuremburg. For all his organizational brilliance and intelligence, Speer could, at times, be arrogant, abrupt, and emotionally detached. Historians, Students, War buffs, history teachers. However, Sereny concludes that Speer must have known based on a letter he wrote to the Jewish albsrt in South Africa after the warand the fact that his closest assistant attended the Wannsee Conference where the details of the genocide of the Jews were worked out who could serent have failed to inform him about the proceedings.

Alone among the defendants, Speer accepted personal responsibility, denying that he knew of the extermination camps while admitting that he had directed the movement of captives to Germany to work in apeer factories.

British Holocaust denier David Irving initiated a libel case against Sereny and the Guardian Media Group for two reviews in The Observer where she asserted he deliberately falsified the historical record in an attempt to rehabilitate the Nazis.