Galileo Galilei; Il Saggiatore (The Assayer); Rome, This quietly polemical text puts the case for a pared-down scientific conception of matter and a. This is Galileo’s argument from “The Assayer,” which I encountered in both my history survey of modern philosophy and in metaphysics. Galileo. Il saggiatore (The assayer) by Galileo Galilei (–) is the final and most significant work in the polemic regarding the characteristics of.

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In the process under discussion one must consider on the one hand the body that is to produce the heat, and on the other hand the body which is to receive heat.

Works of Galileo Galilei, Part 3, Volume 15, Astronomy: The Assayer

Mayr, like Scheiner, gave his undivided attention to a single topic for several years, and as a result produced some observations and deductions more accurate than Galileo’s on these special studies. Now who is so simple-minded as not to understand that if we call a profit of one thousand ducats on a capital of one hundred ‘large,” and not “nil,” and the same upon a capital of ten “very large,” and not “nil,” then the acquisition of one thousand upon no capital at all should be called “infinite” rather than “nil”?

Furthermore, he insisted that natural philosophy i.

But if you ever suggest this little game to Sarsi, and if he protests at great length, then I beg Your Excellency to tell him that I do not mean to imply by this that there is in the sky a huge carafe, and someone oiling it with his finger, thus forming a comet; I merely offer this as an example of Nature’s bounty and variety of methods for producing her effects.

Your Excellency may, if you like, show them to him some time so that he may by replying establish his position more solidly. Without the senses as our guides, reason or imagination unaided would probably never arrive at qualities like these. We merely said that the proofs thus far set forth by other authors are not free from objections. When a man can say definitely what he means by using a simple and appropriate word, why employ an inappropriate one that requires qualification and ultimately becomes transformed into something quite different?

We did say they are false, but so far as authority is concerned yours alone is as effective as an army’s in rendering the events true or false. Then turning about on the toe with this hand extended, one sees the ball turn on its axis in the opposite direction, and complete this revolution in the same time as one’s own.


Moreover, I confess that the longer tube shows the objects larger than galoleo shorter; and finally I grant him for the present his whole syllogism, the conclusion being that in general nearby objects are more enlarged and farther ones less so.

In order to convince us by assayee, you say that if we look through flames at people, firebrands, coals, printed pages, and candles, we shall see all these quite plainly.

This will become apparent to anyone [p. There he found a small boy who was holding a bow galilfo his right hand and sawing upon some fibers stretched over a hollowed piece of wood. Now cut away some of the lighter parts and leave the knotty portions; the former, being of less specific gravity than the water, gave some support to the entire mass. The left hand supported yalileo instrument, and the fingers of the boy were moving so that he drew from this a variety of notes, and most melodious ones too, without any blowing.

Galileo, Selections from The Assayer

Don Virginio Cesarini [1]. In the mind of the reader who goes no more deeply than Sarsi’s account, the. Some, merely to contradict what I had said, did not scruple to cast doubt upon things they had seen with their own eyes again and again. If I accept Sarsi’s charge of negligence because various motions that might have been attributed to the comet did not occur to me, I fail to see how he can free his teacher from the same criticism for not considering the possibility of motion in a straight line.

I have certainly not lacked opportunities to put forth other works that would perhaps be no less astonishing to the schools of philosophy and no less important to science than those published previously.

The Assayer

He did not criticize Father Grassi or anyone else who had not previously done this. But note his sly way of attempting to establish his priority. Really, I do not believe that Guiducci would say as Sarsi pretends that in order to become hot, bodies must first be rarefied, and that rarefaction diminishes them, and that the thinner parts fly away.

Should I not have been showing a wish to remain incognito? However, when two things are rubbed together, the friction creates motion, which allows for the fire-particles to be released. Now we do not lack eggs, nor slings, nor sturdy fellows to whirl them; yet our eggs do not cook, but merely cool down faster if they happen to be hot. Now since a greater or less enlargement depends not upon the material of a telescope but upon its shape, the tube constitutes different instruments when the same material is used but the separation of the lenses is altered.

Sarsi tries to attribute to me something quite false; namely, that the water in a bowl remains as motionless as air when the bowl is rotated.


They sound different tones because they are of different lengths; and as to the material, this plays no part whatever in the formation of the sound. Many materials are such that in their decomposition the greater part of them passes over into additional tiny corpuscles, and this dissolution continues so long as these continue to meet with further matter capable of being so resolved.

Let us therefore go no further than our original intention, which was to set forth the questions that appeared to upset the old- theories, and to propose a few new ideas.

For if you carefully observe what happens in breaking glass or stones, you will see some perceptible fumes emerge and rise high in the air, which must be lighter than air. And heat lightning occurs when no commotion is perceived in the air or in clouds.

I have never understood, Your Excellency, why it is that every one of the studies I have published in order to please or to serve other people has aroused ga,ileo some men a certain perverse urge to detract, steal, or deprecate that modicum of merit which I thought I had earned, if not for my work, at least for its intention.


The Assayer – Wikipedia

And perhaps when such attrition stops at or is confined to the smallest qu I anta, their motion is temporal and their action calorific only; but when their ultimate and highest resolution into truly indivisible atoms is arrived at, light is created [20].

He begins with objects in my room, and asks me whether I need to [p. He must say no, as we see gold reduced to such thin leaf that it will sustain itself upon the quiet air and drop with extreme slowness; and with such gold any metal may be gilded. You could prove on equal scriptural authority that the world is not eternal, and that having been created in time there cannot have been and cannot be an infinite number of men; and since foolishness reigns only among men, the above proposition could never be true even if all men-past, present, and future-were fools.

But this is in direct contradiction to his teacher, who, in order to situate the comet beyond the moon, requires that the moon be one of those objects which are greatly magnified.