Model TA(K)43 and TA(K)55 require an external equalized expansion valve. Dimensional Data. Model Pricing. Thin Profile Air Defrost. Bohn. Friga-Bohn @ Kooltech. Friga-Bohn TA7R-8P Friga Bohn Dual Discharge EVAP. £2, $3, ,48 € £2, $3, ,74 € (ex. Useful links · Careers · General Catalogue. Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL- France, FRIGA-BOHN General Catalogue. banner-banner1. Mailing list for.

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Hygiene Rounded corners eliminate condensate retention zones which favour the development of harmful germ, use of protected steel sheets and stainless steel screws. To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during commissioning of our equipment as well as regular Inspections during the second year of operation preventive maintenance We program our visits in accordance with your availability.

To validate this pack, we propose a support contract during frig of our equipment as well as an efficiency check. The power rating of this unit may be as high as 1, kW!

GPC Condenser protection guard. VAT unit price with options: If the noise level is very different, then select a model from the other tables. Return on investment calculation tool: Insulation 80 mm floor not insulated positive mm insulated floor negative.


Compact catalgoue sturdy equipment for easy handling and installation in confined spaces. Advantages Installation Bohh to the unit friba, the NF is supplied in 2 parts: HPG HP general pressure switch automatic. Compact unit cooler used in refrigeration cabinets and small cold rooms – single discharge. The electric heating elements fitted in slots under the coil considerably simplify maintenance tasks see photo. ALR Opto-electronic refrigerant level alarm.


Only the selection software, at your disposal on simple request, will allow you to select the dry cooler which suits the best your needs. RLS Oversized liquid receiver. C 6,35 mm Y connection SKB Simple transformation into a wall-mounted model. ECB Full crate packaging. RPC Control of condensation pressure.

PC1 Rack pre-wired with 5 m cable available. Ventilation VPS Blower deflector vanes. Regulator pack BP1 LP pressure switch automatic per compressor. EC motor-fan units are also used to help reduce the noise level.

Evaporators & Heat-Exchangers LGL-France, FRIGA-BOHN

This consists in carrying out a certain number of inspections during the second year preventive maintenance and replacement of components when required curative maintenance during the third year. VPA option Homogenous distribution of air flow: RFA Air stream deflector. Simply slot the monoblock unit into the notches in the top panel of the cold room and secure it. E1K E1U Light electric defrost. T Axial fans 12 mm NW Values measured under nominal operating conditions with clean coils and rated voltage.

The external aluminium drain pan may be easily removed.


The condenser is indeed built as modules around W-shaped micro-channels coils for easy installation in confined spaces. Griga Advantages Installation Legs optional for floor-mounted installation with vertical air flow. Included in a refrigeration system, they may be exited by motors, compressors, diesel engines, vehicles or others and suffer from vibration.

R Centrifugal fans 6 mm NW R 4,23 mm Y connection SKB ECC Crate packaging for the condensing units. Commercial unit cooler for cooling applications – dual discharge.

Easy access to the distributor. Fully equipped unit coolers PRK Condensate discharge pump. Examples of installations Certifications PED.

R Axial fans 6 mm NW G2F Protection guard 2 faces. Family of the most popular condensers with high capacity range, cztalogue with horizontal and vertical air flow. C 6,35 mm LUC Family of the most popular dry coolers with high capacity range, available with horizontal and vertical air flow.


EVL Solenoid valve not fitted. BAE Vinyl protection of fins.

Male to receive a tube of the same diameter. VPA Air pressure shell also allowing the connection of a textile duct. Switching box factory pre-wired and tested. Cataloguf compressor technology, – SH semi-hermetic piston – or Sc Scroll.