The First Swords: The Book of Swords Volumes 1, 2, & 3 [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fred Saberhagen’s Book of. The Complete Book of Swords (Omnibus, Volumes 1, 2, 3) [Fred Saberhagen, Duncan Eagleson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First Book of Swords [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For a game, the gods have given the world 12 Swords of Power .

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Its central theme swors around the Twelve Swords of Power forged by the gods, each endowed with a particular power or gift, and how various people acquire and swrods them. The series spans several decades and features dozens of characters.

The Swords of Power were created by the god Vulcan. Each sword has a unique, magical ability and is powerful enough to affect the mythological gods that exist within the series. The plot of ferd entire series revolves around the finding, acquiring, stealing, using, and eventually destroying of the Swords for purposes good or evil.

Townsaver frd the ability to control the body of anyone trying to defend the boook, granting the wielder superhuman speed and strength. Once the Sword has been taken up, it does not allow itself to be set down until every enemy has been repelled. Unfortunately while Townsaver can allow a single man to defeat an entire army, it does nothing to prevent injury to the wielder. Long roads the Sword of Fury makes Hard walls it builds around the soft The fighter who Townsaver takes Can bid farewell to home and croft.

Shieldbreaker provides protection from all enemy attacks, whether melee, ranged, or magical. Like Townsaver, Shieldbreaker takes over the sword arm of the person using it, and sworfs be put down until the battle is over.

However, Shieldbreaker will deflect incoming blows while Townsaver will not. The Sword’s one weakness is its inability to be used against an unarmed foe, meaning that the wielder, weakened by using Shieldbreaker, can be defeated quite easily in hand-to-hand swrds. Shieldbreaker is unique among the Swords in that it can easily destroy any of the others in melee combat, with the exception of Woundhealer.

In addition, any abilities possessed by the other Swords are negated by Shieldbreaker. I shatter Swords and splinter spears; None stands to Shieldbreaker. My point’s the fount of orphans’ tears My edge the widowmaker. Stonecutter possesses the ability to pass its blade through any stone or mineral-based formation as easily as it would pass through air.

In other words, it cuts through stone like a hot knife through butter.

A wielder could place it point-first on the ground and let go, and the Sword would bury itself up to the hilt. With careful control, the Sword of Siege can even be used for such swberhagen work as sculpting and gemcutting. While the Sword is being used a tapping noise emanates from the blade, reminiscent of a chisel on stone.

The Sword of Siege struck a hammer’s blow With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall. Stonecutter laid a castle low With a groan, and a roar, and a tower’s fall. Woundhealer possesses the power to repair any injury or cure any other ailment such as blindness, poisoning, etc. As long as the subject is not in fact dead, the Sword of Mercy has proven effective against the terrible wounds given fredd Farslayer and the Mindsword.

The Sword of Love is widely regarded as the one Sword or sword in the world that is not a weapon. Whose flesh the Frev of Mercy hurts has drawn no breath; Whose soul it heals has wandered in the night, Booj paid the summing of all debts in death Has turned to see returning light.

Fred Saberhagen

Doomgiver possesses the ability to turn any attack, overt or otherwise, back on the attacker. The full extent of its abilities is unknown, though bokk did turn even Aphrodite’s powers back on her. The Sword of Justice balances the pans Of right and wrong, and foul and fair. Eye for an eye, Doomgiver scans The fate of all folk everywhere.


Coinspinner makes the wielder preternaturally lucky. Even sheathed, the Sword has the ability to ensure that its wielder winds up in an advantageous position, even going sworrs far as to cause misfortune to those who wish them harm. The Sword is incredibly unreliable, however, as fged is not unusual for it to abruptly disappear and seek out a new owner, gook at inconvenient times.

Dragonslicer provides the wielder with a killing stroke when facing a dragon, regardless of the thickness of the dragon’s skin. However, the sword does not provide the wielder with any special protection. In addition, the Sword of Heroes possesses the somewhat hindering ability to remain in the body of slain dragon, resulting in either the wielder being carried along in the beast’s death throes, or having it ripped form their hands entirely.

In the case of overly large dragons frd as great wyrms, the Sword will actually drag the wielder along once a first strike is made, unerringly towards the dragon’s heart. Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, how d’you slay? Reaching for the heart in behind the scales.

Books of Swords – Wikipedia

Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, where d’you stay? In the belly of the giant that my blade impales. Farslayer possesses the ability to kill any person regardless of location, fortification, or protection. The wielder need only hold the sword and think of the person they want dead. Chanting “For thy heart Then all they have to do is release the Sword. It will immediately streak toward the target and impale them through the heart, including demons and gods.

The only protection from Farslayer is to wield Shieldbreaker or Woundhealer. It is possible that Doomgiver might turn the Sword back, but the two were not used against each other, so it is hard to say for sure. Farslayer’s major drawback is the fact that, once used, it will remain impaled in the body of the target.

Meaning that keeping ownership of the Sword following use is problematic. Also, there is nothing preventing someone else from picking it up and turning it back on its previous owner. Farslayer howls across the world For thy heart, for thy heart, who hast wronged me! Vengeance is his who casts the blade Yet he will in the end no triumph see. The Mindsword is one of the more overtly evil of the Swords, as it is difficult to imagine a good cause Skulltwister would be associated with.

The Mindsword, when drawn, compels absolute and fanatical devotion to the person holding it. It flashes brightly as if catching the sun, and emits the faint roar of a cheering mob which cannot be blocked out by covering ears or averting eyes.

All who are in visual or aural range are affected. Not even the gods of the Swords universe are immune to its power. The strength of the devotion is such that one under the Mindsword’s power would even throw their life away if so ordered.

There is no possibility of resisting or recovery, except for the passage of time. When removed from the Mindsword’s presence, a person will gradually begin to lose the unnatural loyalty they felt toward the Sword’s bearer and show signs of skepticism and then increasing rebelliousness before finally regaining their own mind.

It takes around a week to fully recover, depending on the relationship between the target and the wielder, the wielder’s own personal charisma, and the psychological resistance of the target.

The Blade seems to have another lesser property as well. Wounds made from its edge fester, preventing healing saberhage possibly leading to fever and delirium. The Mindsword spun in the dawn’s gray light And men and demons knelt down before. The Mindsword flashed in the midday bright Gods joined the dance, and the march to war.


It spun in the twilight dim as well And gods and saberhwgen marched off to hell. Sightblinder possess the ability to cloak its wielder, allowing them to move freely wherever they choose. Anyone looking at the wielder will see either szberhagen one they love more than anything, or one they fear.

The effect seems to be complete. In addition, Sightblinder is capable of allowing the user to see the truth of a given situation. Lastly, the Sword provides some measure of protection from the powers of other Swords. The Sword of Stealth is given to One lonely and despised. His eyes are keen His nature is disguised. Wayfinder possesses the ability to lead its wielder to their goal, even leading them to the items and people necessary to complete the quest.

The major drawback to the sword, however, is that it does not lead the wielder along the safest route, opting instead for the most dangerous path possible. Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads Its master’s step is brisk. The Sword of Wisdom sabrrhagen loads But adds unto their risk. Soulcutter emits no noise when drawn, but a deep malaise begins to affect all those around the wielder.

This feeling of hopelessness spreads farther away from the ov blade for as long as it is bared, to a radius of hundreds of meters. Beings affected feel such an overwhelming sense of melancholy sberhagen apathy that nothing they would do seems to matter to them to any degree, and they simply sit down and wait to die.

In addition the wielder visibly ages while the Sword swordz drawn, estimatedly about five years for every minute the Sword is bared. The Tyrant’s Blade no blood hath spilled But doth the spirit carve Soulcutter hath no body killed But many left to starve. The Book of Swords series blends science fiction and fantasy to create unique takes on the staples of both genres.

The back story to the Swords universe is explained in Saberhagen’s Empire of the East series. The books are set far into the future, although this is not immediately obvious to the reader. Approximately 50, years before the story, sometime during our third millenniummankind is almost driven to extinction by a global apocalypse. This is explained as being brought on by a nuclear World War prior to the events in Empire of the East.

Saberhhagen intelligent super-computer, ARDNEH which was saberhageen part of an American nuclear response systeminitiated a physical change to the structure of the world. Unintentionally combined with a similar system on the other side of the sworcs, this change negated the effects of atomic weaponry and most other forms of high technology, and introduced other side-effects, such as the creation of magicgodsand demons.

The gods of the Swords universe are based on various mythological deities, with most coming from the Greco-Roman and Hindu pantheons. They are elements of human hope and imagination that were sabrhagen real approximately one thousand years after The Change. As such, they have no saherhagen power other than what mankind gives them.

When this fact is discovered during the game of the Swords, the gods begin to slowly lose power and then disappear altogether. Despite these gods having no innate powers, they were greatly worshiped at the height of their popularity. Thus bpok most of the series, the various gods and goddesses hold enormous power over mankind.

When the gods descend from the heavens to deal with mortals, they are physically larger than men, have nearly infinite physical power, can seemingly break the laws of nature at will and harness magic effortlessly.