FogBugz includes a wiki for creating and maintaining documentation. The. Fog Creek Software Made in NYC and around the world. FogBugz in Two Minutes. “But I only have one minute!” No worries, there’s a .

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The parameter should be a comma-separated list of column names e.


The FogBugz wiki is completely multiuser; any number of users can edit each article simultaneously without documentwtion each other. Note that you can only use this command to raise the next value, not lower it. To create a table, choose Insert Table… and set the options. Think of it this way: FogBugz lets your team collaboratively handle a documentahion email address like support example. Existing tags omitted from this list will be removed. Anyone on the team can reply to email and instantly see the entire history of the email conversation with a given customer.

If any fields are omitted, they will not be changed. An administrator can create and edit projects and areas by clicking on Admin Projects.

You can also attach a file to a wiki article and documenttation a link to it in one step by clicking Insert Attachment…. List the historical nightly ship date calculations for this milestone at this Priority from the time when the milestone fogbigz created until documenntation.

FogBugz automatically saves drafts in the background as you are editing, in case you close your web browser or it crashes before you can save.

It is not required, but we recommend making sure the case you email from has sCustomerEmail and ixMailbox set. The private tag can almost always be ignored by non-Fog Creek api clients.


The list of filters is already in the documentatioon order that users are used to seeing it in the FogBugz user interface and should be preserved. You can supply any address for the sFrom field, although the UI restricts you to email addresses that FogBugz is docu,entation checking so that when a user replies to your email, it will actually go back into FogBugz. This is the data that is aggregated over time in the Burn Down Chart. Like viewUserTimelineReport, but only including the simulation of the final milestone to be completed by each user.

Using defect URLs to link test results to Manuscript. FogBugz users will probably expect to see the three types of filters grouped as they are in FogBugz itself. If q is not present, returns the cases in your current filter.

This search acts exactly the same way the search box in FogBugz operates, so you can use that to debug. The meaning is internal to FogBugz. FogBugz itself supports several methods of logging on, however, the only method supported by the API is by providing an email address or full name, just like FogBugz sign-in and password in the logon method:.

Inevitably, cases will be miscategorized, and the pain of choosing an area may even make people enter fewer cases.

FogBugz – FogBugz Knowledge Base

Customer email FogBugz lets your team collaboratively handle a public email address like support example. You should not need to look at this field.

Developers work through their cases one by one, in order of priority. The next step is to configure all the necessary connection settings in the Configuration field. View the complete set of EBS milestone work simulations for all users required to complete this milestone and all of its dependencies.


On this page Table of Contents Tools: When an email message comes in, Fogubgz filtering discards any spam, and the remaining messages are sorted into areas, based on your training. For example, if your software crashes, it can upload details of the crash to FogBugz.

For example, if the current highest case number is 35, and you want the next case number to start atthen you can run this command with the value of Do not use with new repositories.

Any of the optional arguments serve to filter the results. An example of an html page which submits to the api to create a new case and upload a file would look like this:. When absent, will star for current user.

Once the test result was added, hovering the mouse cursor over an case ID will open a window with useful information and status details about the case in Manuscript. This sets the next newly created case to start with this case number. It can be submitted via the web or through email.

FogBugz includes a wiki: You can read more about this encoding type in the RFC. If set to 1, list intervals for all users.