In the Tape Transcription Request Court Claim No. For help on completing this form please see the guidance?EX Info? Claimant You should seek a quote. EX Info (). EXINFO. Guidance, transcription panel list and prices. SECTION 1. Guidance for completion of form EX In the space provided at the . Tape Transcription Request. For help on completing this form and for the full list of transcription companies and prices, please see the guidance ‘EX Info’.

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The Courts covered under this are: All Ex17 transcription is carried out by our experienced legal transcription team who have full access to support materials to ensure complete accuracy.

EX Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings | Practical Law

How do I get a transcript of my court proceedings? What does that mean?

Manually Order a Transcript. To do this simply: Please note that as an approved supplier of offsite transcription for HMCTS we are obliged to transcribe every single word that is uttered. Home Manually Order a Transcript. Same Day Court Transcripts.

Crown Court South East Region. Obtain an estimate now. Auscript is exx107 preferred supplier for same day transcription services across all Courts in England and Wales. For Crown Court ex1077 we can also provide a 7 working day, 3 working day, 48 hour working days only and overnight 24 hour turnaround service for premium fork.

This can take time however, we will work with the court to expedite this process as much as possible. With our Same Day service, clients receive a final transcript on corm day of the proceeding, helping them prepare for the next day. For County Court hearings and Tribunals we can provide turnarounds quicker than 12 working days, which we will be able to advise on once we have received the recordings from the court.


To order a transcript of a criminal proceeding in the Crown Court in the South East Regionsimply follow the relevant process below.

Whether your hearing was heard at a Crown Court, a County Court or a Tribunal, an EX form must be completed in order to request a transcript or a copy of an existing transcript.

EX107: Request for transcription of Court or Tribunal proceedings

We return transcripts to clients as a PDF document via email. How do I find out more about the process?

Want to work as a Transcriber? You will need to send your completed EX for, the relevant Court yourself. Your transcript will be delivered through the DARTS portal in accordance with the turnaround time requested.

Please note that for transcripts which require approval, quicker turnarounds are to supply the court with the draft transcript as explained in the FAQ above.

What County Courts and Tribunals do you cover? If the transcript is required urgently, please indicate this on the order form. Once the transcript is completed, we provide to the presiding ex17 for approval prior to delivery to you. Turnaround time commences from receipt of payment. Court torm is charged based on the number of words spoken and subsequently typed on your transcript. We require the estimated cost of the transcription to be paid in full prior to any work being ex1007 and it is at this point that you need to provide this payment.


By continuing, you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. How is the completed transcript sent to me? Upon receipt of your request, our specialist team will start transcribing immediately and the delivery date will be confirmed in line with your requested turnaround time.

I made a payment to you, when will I receive my transcript? What rates do you charge for Crown Court transcription? Vorm can be easily made by direct deposit or credit card. The Courts covered under this are:.

Manually Order a Transcript | Auscript

One folio is equal to 72 words. Please contact us to discuss availability for these turnarounds. Final charges will be invoiced, and any changes to the estimate provided, will be communicated with you and reconciled promptly. The Transcription Agency, its premises and personnel have undergone extensive security and quality checks in order to be an approved transcription supplier for HMCTS.

Our Management Team and transcribers are fully committed to ensuring the process of receiving your transcription is as smooth and as efficient as possible.