Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch. The Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS) contains centralized communications. switching equipment (central switch). Shop our inventory for ENHANCED TERMINAL VOICE SYSTEM ETVS RE by U.S. Some titles in the collection include: A Manual of Civil Engineer Bare Base . Fill Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch Manual, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Related Content – enhanced terminal voice switching system etvs.

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Mxnual functional and flow diagrams and test equipment, as required, to localize malfunctions to the appropriate LRU. The design of the ETVS is such that the minimum interval for PM will not be less than quarterly and should not require service interruption on more than one position, or external interface, at a time.

Audible and mxnual alarms located at all system terminals, a maintenance position, and at designated operational positions will alert personnel of failures. The following three contractor-developed courses were used to provide initial training for acceptance inspection and for development of the ETVS Hardware Maintenance course C The FAALC will also maintain the baseline system, prepare releases of software updates, distribute them to the field, and respond to trouble reports.

Enhanced Terminal Voice System/Emergency Communications System Procurement

The ETVS will permit simultaneous operation of all operational positions wtvs either place calls, receive calls, or both. ETVS automatically detects and localizes faults to the Line Replaceable Unit LRU level and reports results to the maintenance position, supervisory position, any remote maintenance terminals, and the maintenance logging function.


ETVS will consist of position equipment located at each operational position, which will control the communication switching equipment located in nearby equipment rooms. Software support for operational and training activities will be provided by the FAALC and will include correction and resolution of site unique problems and development, control, and maintenance of modifications.

Each frequency interface will support one of the following, based on airport requirements. ETVS segregates any on-line functions performed at the manial and supervisory positions from each other and from those performed at the operational positions.

Denro etvs manual dexterity

Describes the functions of all mannual and subassemblies. Alarms will be installed within cable feet of the central equipment. If other requirements are identified, they will be included in a future update to this document. Operation module and System Administration module. The FAA National Airspace System and its subsystems are highly dependent on the sustained operation of their automation programs.

Pagination, colors, flashing-winking-steady indications, and other controls provide the operator with a status of ongoing communications. ETVS provides additional audible and visible alarms to signal the detection of system faults or system overheat conditions that could lead to equipment damage or fire.

One or more of the following: Off-equipment maintenance includes fault isolation and removal and replacement at the Shop Replaceable Unit SRU level.

Ready For Operational Use Schedule. There are no unique requirements for special test sets, special tools, or special test equipment.

Navy Training System Plan

Identify and follow instruction book procedures applicable to all periodic maintenance requirements. The global database, which includes each site’s specific adaptation parameters, will be maintained at the FAALC.


Removable components will not exceed weight limits specified below so as to permit removal and replacement by one person.

A high-bright, electro-magnetic interference EMI hardened version will be used in control towers. First quarter FY00 Skill identifier. Radio, Intercom, and Telephone Links.

The ETVS training program consists of:. The software will be provided without restrictions and will be reproducible by the government.

Supervisory features of the ETVS include the capability for the supervisor position etfs record from various operating positions onto ETVS cassette tape recorders, located at the supervisor position, for controller training.

Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility. Corrective Maintenance CM includes on-equipment and off-equipment maintenance actions. In addition to the above, the ETVS will accommodate paired frequencies in which Ultra High Frequency and Very High Frequency equipment are operated from the same control circuits and audio lines.

One or more of the following:. Maximum floor space for the four BSs is as follows:. Test Sets, Tools, and Test Equipment. Maximum configurations for the four BSs are shown in the following table:. Describes installation and testing ftvs.