The Deal Or No Deal presenter has warned of mankind’s greatest danger, but it’s OK as ‘there isn’t such a thing as death’. Various studies warn of the dangers of Wifi, especially for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is planned at schools. The term electromagnetic smog refers to all artificially generated electromagnetic fields in the environment and the resulting permanent exposure of people and.

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Lakehead refuses wireless technology Lakehead University has refused to install wireless technology on campus, citing health concerns. The maximum damage was achieved with Wifi: How Electrosmog interacts with human metabolism There is no need to go into detail to understand the action of Electrosmog on human proteins.

Study of the anti-inflammatory effects of low-dose radiation: This electricity will in turn flow through the entire home and distribute this harmonious information into every last crevice of the building.

Pharmacological analysis of anti-inflammatory effects of low-intensity extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Please review our privacy policy. Anyway, how worried should I be about electrosmog? Lakehead University has refused to install wireless technology on campus, citing health concerns.

From the available studies on the effects of high-frequency EMF at low doses, below the applicable limits no health hazards caused by wireless networks can be derived at the moment.

The weight of the epididymis and seminal vesicles was significantly less, the diameter of the seminiferous tubules and the elecrrosmog of the tunica albuginea had decreased significantly, even highly significantly in the exposed animals. There is no lack into investigations and studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Very few waves oscillating at that frequency are able to reach the molecules of a human body, and none of them are currently present in Electrosmog.


Nevertheless, the introduction of Wifi is planned at schools. Our mailing address is: Indeed, some patients have reported a surge in disease symptoms, occasionally an intolerable surge, after WiFi routers and cell phones have been switched off in their homes. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Electrosmog and autoimmune disease

The Smartphone sends and receives almost constantly because of active apps, usually via Wifi. Below is just a small example of the critical research that has been done on this issue.

Meanwhile, Austrian researchers reported in that cell phone radiation can induce double-strand breaks in DNA, one of the undisputed causes of cancer. Marshall 1 and Trudy J. According to NASA [ 1 ]: All one enviornment to notice is that, in Fig. It is generally accepted that exposure to low-energy radio waves does not produce any envuronment of harm.

Whether activation is assisted or blocked depends on the frequency content of the molecular interactions, and that of the impinging electromagnetic waves. J Chem Theory Comput.

Electrosmog and autoimmune disease

This way the body stays free from the negative effects of artificial frequencies. Henry Lai, whose research is noted as part of the report on the Interphone Study, reported that he has changed his mind about whether radiation from wireless signals and cell phones was harmful.

Apparently, the percentage of defects in sperm heads rose significantly in the irradiated group. Published online Jul Meaningful measurements for the determination of wireless radiation was conducted by the University of Bremen on their envuronment, where a dense network of wireless reception points was established.

Via the law of resonance, it transmits the information of the visible light spectrum onto the electricity that flows past it. A huge global conspiracy, and all the corporations are in on it. They warn of the adverse health effects of exposure to radiation from wireless and mobile phones. Ottawa Citizen Jan 4 Learn from asbestos — and do more to protect Canadians.


He feels that governments should increase their funding into electrosmpg technologies and its envrionment effects. Kimmel, Stefan, et al. The online version of this article doi: Oschman, James and Nora Oschman.

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: It is therefore epectrosmog to have very-fast-acting peak-reading signal level meters when measuring the biological interaction potential of electromagnetic waves.

With maize seedlings, irradiation resulted in stunted growth, leaf changes and effects on the mitochondria; these are special cell organelles with a double membrane.

Even though Bise reported human responses at similarly low levels, our observation needs independent replication before we would claim it as definitive. Immunostimulation in the era of the metagenome. While further research is needed to clarify these reactions, autoimmune patients seem predisposed to Electrosmog hypersensitivity at levels currently existing in typical home and work environments, and this factor may be affecting their therapeutic response.

He has found that, while using a cell phone, 80 per cent of the high intensity radiation is absorbed into the hand and head.

Electrosmog and our health

Well, you try summing up the greatest single threat facing mankind in a pithy sentence. Recall the time interval between the two frames in Fig. In duplicating earlier research, Salford also found that cell phone microwaves produce holes in the barrier between the circulatory system and the brain in rats.