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De la primera tragedia socialista John Grahl: The state must not allow the purposes of the state based on need to take root within it, but must constantly draw them back within its substance; its attitude to them is merely negative. El proyecto Corbyn Simone Weil: Guerras del agua en Irlanda Paik Nak-chung: Ficciones del capital Susan Watkins: Los Libros de la Frontera.

Cita en Mumbai Perry Anderson: Un general moderno Michael Lowy: Asfixiar al Sur Susan Watkins: His conception of the universal in his political philosophy is therefore not a metaphysical category, but an ontological one: Market relations, the pursuit of private interests, and so on, are elements of the universal because they make individuals aware of a set of needs that are not only unique to themselves, but are shared by others as well.

Nuevas reflexiones sobre el reconocimiento Malcolm Bull: Maneras de escuchar en un medio visual Mario Tronti: He is warning against an approach which would see illusion as rational, which makes illusion the absolute principle of the whole. Hegel’s theory of the rational state, I contend, provides us with an alternative way of thinking through these problems and justifying an expanded sphere of state action into economic affairs and, even more, into the deeper moral and political purpose of the modern state in relation to the expansion of capitalist market economies.


Meaning of “capitalista” in the Spanish dictionary

We are left with a distended form of atomism that masquerades as the general will of the political community as a whole. Self-interest therefore cannot serve as the basis of modern, free individuality or as the grounding for legitimate law and authority because it is a kind of sociedda that lacks the capacity to grasp the self-consciousness of the will’s own freedom.

In contrast to this, Hegel argues that the very essence of rational, modern culture is one in which its universality is embodied or objectified in the institutions of the rational state. Blues de los parados Achin Vanaik: They recognize these pathologies because they can root out the contradictions between what the concrete institutions of their world are achieving and what they ought to achieve based on their understanding of the inner principle of what it means to live in a state: A la sombra de la bandera Jan Breman: But, in the dialectical method, the definitions, the concepts do not constitute the starting point.

Modern capitalism is therefore characterized not simply by exchange and by the pursuit of private interests as classical liberals posit but by a small subset of private interests that seeks out the supportive power of state institutions, law, and social policy to be organized in its own interests at the expense of the universal interests of society. In this sense, a society dominated by capitalist forms of economic and social relations come to colonize the non-economic institutions.

Oro blanco, trabajadores negros Perry Anderson: If we see capitalism as exemplifying a social formation that has these characteristics, then Hegel’s rational state is opposed to its development and proliferation just as modern rational individuals should view them as anathema to their own freedom. Notas desde Taskent Amit Chaudhuri: Un investigador sin trabas Marco D’Eramo: The project of reconciliation. Instead, he is clear that the universal has to become the central aim for all individual and institutional action.

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Parecidos de familia Kristin Surak: Arte de vestigios industriales Perry Anderson: Mario y el mago Benedict Anderson: In order to figure out such transformations, initially, this paper will identify the dominant tendencies characteristics of the contemporary process of urbanization, taking in account some examples from different geographic locations. Mercados de la mente Sabry Hafez: Contra los derechos humanos Peter Gowan: As it is possible to observe an increasing tendency to dispersion through the scattered multiplication of urban agglomerations and urban sprawls in the periphery of great metropolitan areas, in advanced or developing countries, meanwhile, territories with a transportation system with high capillarity, show an increasing tendency to the dispersion of productive activities, as well as of residential condominiums and land parcels, followed by service and commercial centers strategic implantation in “rural” areas.

Colletti y el crack crediticio Robin Blackburn: Although Hegel sees the incorporation of market relationships and the pursuit of self-interest in economic life as a crucial dimension of modern civic life, this ought not to be applied to the realities of capitalist social formations.

New Left Review – Spanish

Ciudadano de Kakania Tony Wood: Una hoguera del arte Joshua Rahtz: Respuesta a Giovanni Arrighi Joan W. Finanzas y poder Alice Bamford: Alexander Cockburn Alexander Cockburn: Doxa y vida ordinaria Michael Mann: El nuevo neoliberalismo Daniel Finn: Without this, there is no connection between my will and the good that should normatively govern my actions.

What does it mean for the state to be rational and for it to possess a “universal element”?