Emu procussion Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Emu procussion Operation Manual. The Procussion is a Proteus-era drum & percussion MIDI sound module released in It’s a 32 voice multi-timbral sample based. The E-MU Procussion is a dedicated drum and percussion sound module that, at that time, offered musicians an E-MU Procussion Operation Manual Rev. A.

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Tam Kick 1 The User Zone Maps are useful to route MIDI note data from existing drum machine patterns to the appropriate stacks in Procussion for drum replacement. Brush Snare C 2. Page Procussion operation manual procjssion.

Outstanding ride cymbal in this one. Page 3 Hi-Hat Investigation There are kit locations in the Procussion. Procusskon zone may be assigned a MIDI key range. Table Of Contents Zone Maps Triangle, Sine, Sawtooth and Square.

EMU procussion Manuals

Page 79 Note how the screen parameters relate to the stack block diagram. Procussion operation manual 8. Kit name with audio demo. Snare Smash Big Snare Your gesture is greatly appreciated! Up to 4 simultaneous patches may be programmed In each kit, individual sounds can be mapped across the keyboard or set of drum pads.

Room Snr 2 Of course, playing back 32 channels at different pitches tends to complicate matters, but this is basically how it works.

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Trigger Tempo is a modulation source which increases from zero when your playing speed exceeds a preset tempo. Each element in the array is a byte string consisting of 12 ASCII name bytes followed by a null zero terminator.

EMU procussion Operation Manual

Press Enter again to confirm. Each sound set has a unique ID number. Dry Kick 6 The 16 bit samples are arranged into kit locations, 64 of which are user-programmable.

Characteristic swing orchestra drum set.

E-mu Procussion | Vintage Synth Explorer

Powerful toms and superb compressed sounds! Wet Kick 4 Nontranspose mode can be turned On or Off for each zone. If you have found this site useful and would like to show your support, you can buy us a cup procussin coffee or more. The chart at the bottom of this page shows which types of Procussion drum sounds will be assigned to each zone. Rev Snare 1 Note how the screen parameters relate to the stack block diagram.


Comments to this Manuals Your Procusion. Syn Hat 1 The process is illustrated below. The classic Roland TR kit! Dry Kick 2 When power is applied, the liquid crystal display will light, indicating that the Procussion is operating. Send Midi Data Procussion.

Wind Cycle 4 Another feature is Stacks which can be made of up to 4 percussion Instruments. Page Procussion operation manual Index T-Z INDEX threshold switch mode 66 tone 42, 56, 64 transpose 21 triangle wave 39, 63 triggering, footswitch 57 trigger mode 26, 38 trigger tempo 25, 59, 80 tuning master tune 20 instrument tuning 60 tuning zones 52, There are hundreds of different drum and percussion instruments, easily available at the tip of your fingers when using a controller keyboard or drum machine pads or drumsticks when using a trigger drum controller.

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For each of the modulation patches, there is a Pdocussion Source, a Modulation Destination, and an Amount parameter. Enter text from picture: When your playing tempo exceeds the selected Trigger Tempo, the amount of the control signal begins to increase from zero.

Other features include 3 stereo outputs for individually processing sounds also configurable as 6 polyphonic sub-mixes with fully programmable panningintegral sends and returns to allow the addition of external effects units without the need for a separate mixer, and of course, an extensive MIDI implementation.

Press the cursor switch to move the cursor to the bottom line of the maual.

Procussion gives you the ability to literally take these sounds apart and re-assemble them into an almost limitless I also have had success just using a common MIDI keyboard controller. Procusaion Kick 3 Fantastic and typical early ’90s techno-house kit.