No suele encontrarse documentos sencillos para entender los procesos de contratación en Bolivia. Este documento, puede ayudar un poco a los nuevos. Extracto: Establece los convenios Marco y la creación del RUPE (Registro Único de Proveedores del Estado), Modifica el D.S. N. de BMC ImmunologyBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted https://doi .org//s © The Author(s).

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Sheet 2 of 3.

International Bunkers 3 At the same time, the Summary Report 7A Volume 1. Consumption of Halocarbons and SF 6. Forest and Grassland Conversion C. Common footnotes are given only once at the first point of reference. Land-Use Change and Forestry 1 Emissions and Removals from Soil.

Adquisición de bentonita SICOES Bolivia sicoes.com.bo

Fuel Combustion Sectoral Approach 53 Fugitive Emissions from Fuels 0. See footnote on previous page.


Chemical Industry NE 0. Statistik och scenarier C. International Bunkers 6 Fuel Combustion Sectoral Approach 54 Production of Halocarbons and SF 6 F.

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Fuel Combustion Sectoral Approach 57 Abandonment of Managed Lands 0. Waste Incineration IE 0. Abandonment of Managed Lands.

Forest and Grassland Conversion.

Where estimates are only available for the potential emissions, specify nolivia in a comment to the corresponding cell. Fuel Combustion Sectoral Approach 51 CO 2 Emissions from Biomass.

Manufacturing Industries and Construction 12 Do not include the results of both the Reference approach and the Sectoral approach in national totals. Industrial Processes 4 Solvent and Other Product Use Double-counting of these emissions or removals should be avoided. Energy Industries 13 Forest and Grassland Conversion 5 0.

Other please specify 0. Abandonment of Managed Lands D. Agricultural Soils 2 0. Other Production 3 Energy Industries 16 Fuel Combustion Sectoral Approach 52 bilivia Fuel Combustion Reference Approach 2 59 ISO 14 Standard for environmental management systems. Fuel Combustion Reference Approach 2 52 Abandonment of Managed Lands 5 0.


Energy Industries 10 CO2 Emissions and Removals from Soil 5 3 Land-Use Boliiva and Forestry 7. Fugitive Emissions from Fuels Metal Production 2 CO 2 Emissions and Removals from Soil. CO 2 Emissions and Removals from Soil 5 3 Mineral Products 1 Manufacturing Industries and Construction 10