language book on ship’s knowledge, very soon requests were made for an website free downloads of questions pertaining to each. Ship knowledge a modern encyclopedia. Enkhuizen, Dokmar Maritime Publishers. Eekhout, M. (). Design, Engineering, Production & Realisation of Glass. : Ship Knowledge: Ship Design, Construction and Operation ( ) by Klaas Van Dokkum and a Publisher: Dokmar Maritime,

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Therefore the books are eminently suitable as textbooks and works of reference for students, seafarers and persons employed in the maritime sector. The lucid way in which the books are stylistically devised and composed, makes them quite suitable for a variety of levels and the various types of training and education. For certain types of training shiip education the books may contain sufficient information to cover the complete field of interest.


Ship Knowledge: A Modern Encyclopedia, 9th Edition

Ship Knowledge – A Modern Encylopedia. International Admiralty Chart Agent Delivering navigation safety since Adding item to basket.

Admiralty Standard Nautical Charts. Imray Charts Imray Charts.

Ship Knowledge: A Modern Encyclopedia, 9th Edition 2016

South Coast of England. Egyptian Charts Egyptian Charts.

Norway Charts Norway Charts. Electronic Charts Electronic Charts. Digital Services Digital Services.

Dokmar ship knowledge pdf file

Commercial Publications Commercial Publications. Leisure Publications Leisure Publications.

Clocks and Barometers Clocks and Barometers. Hygrometers and Hydrometers Hygrometers and Hydrometers. Safety Signs Knoqledge Signs. Home Books Commercial Publications Dokmar. Showing 0 to 6 of 6 products.

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