GUIA RAPIDA DIALISIS PERITONEAL AUTOMATIZADA – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Características, complicaciones y resultados clínicos de los pacientes tratados con diálisis peritoneal automatizada en la unidad de diálisis peritoneal del.

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It is recommended that more peritoneal dialysis centres be set up, both home and centre-based, as first line modality of renal replacement therapy. Blood in the peritoneal capillaries in renal failure contains excess of urea, creatinine and potassium etc on one side and the dialysis solution in the peritoneal cavity, which typically contains sodium, chlorine and lactate rendered hyperosmolar by inclusion of glucose is on the other side.

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The geographic location of the patients on PD reflects a higher proportion in the Kingston as well St Catherine environs and this could simply be due to location bias as the PDU is located in this area. Early recognition and appropriate management of sepsis in peritoneal dialysis patients should be initially based on standard protocol. perironeal

However, when compared to data on HD, the mean age was similar. The long term use of intermittent peri toneal dialysis in ESRD was well documented as far back as and peritoneal dialysis was popularized in by Popovich and co-worker and it has been shown to offer better quality of life with better mortality profile 10, Peritoneal dialysis PD first became a practical and widespread modality of renal replacement therapy in the s.

En marcha un novedoso sistema de diálisis domiciliaria con monitorización remota de los pacientes

Metabolic syndrome in peritoneal dialysis patients. Correction of anemia with epoetin alfa in chronic kidney disease. The average age of 49 range of 33 to 65 years from this study is similar to many other reviewed studies 8, 12 and is also similar to the age seen in patients on haemodialysis 1.


La hemoglobina media fue 7. BMJ7 January; Perhaps this reflects the fact that PD is a automatizadq choice in paediatric and adolescent population combined with the fact that patients with persistent posterior urethral valves will present earlier in life with CKD.

Sickle cell disease and persistent pos terior urethral valves were also found as significant causes of ESRD. It involves the transport of solutes and water across a “membrane” that separates two fluid containing compartments. Most patients were from Kingston Other causes of anaemia in CKD includes poor dietary intake of iron peirtoneal the presence of high levels of circulating inflammatory cytokines promoting destruction of immature erythroblast and hepatic release of hepcidin a peptide hormone reducing iron ab sorption from the gut.

Peritoneal dialysis is one of the effective means of renal replacement therapy and can be home-based or centre-based but this study was based at an in-hospital centre.

Report from the Caribbean Renal Registry, Data on were analysed.

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Peritoneal dialysis Int ; Of those who died due to sepsis Fig. However, death could not be ascribed to peritonitis in these four patients. Therefore, careful attention should be paid to patient selection, timing and dose of PD, patients’ and family quality of life, maintenance of adequate volume status, maintaining serum biochemical parameters at recommended values, control of calcium-phosphate product and long term viability of therapy.

Effects of increased peritoneal clearances on mortality rates in peritoneal dialysis: Peritoneal dialysis offers significant advantage of better residual renal function RRF when compared with auttomatizada.

There is new evidence 15, 16 which suggests that the constant high load of glucose in PD patients may predispose to impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes mellitus and even metabolic peritonewl.


In PD therapy, the quality of life for patients with ESRD is improved with preservation and prolongation of residual renal function which is associated with improved survival.

Characteristics, complications and outcome of patients treated with automated automaitzada dialysis at the peritoneal dialysis unit, University Hospital of the West Indies. The major causes of ESRD found in this population were hypertension, diabetes doalisis and chronic glomerulonephritis Fig. Blood pressure readings, number and types of daily medications used, blood transfusion, erythropoietin use, complications, outcome and cause of death were also collected.

Also, the use of vaccination as primary prevention in this population which is also likely to have congestive cardiac failure is recommended. The mean haemoglobin from this study was 7.

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The use of erythropoietin in peritoneal dialysis patients will enhance better management ofanaemia and improve quality of life. Anemia Management in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: Therefore intensive management of risk factors hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidaemia and prompt recognition ofinfection is hereby recommended.

The PD first concept as practised in Rialisis Kong should be examined in this region.

Retrospective data were collected from peritoneal dialysis patients’ case files retrieved from the medical records department of UHWI. A sub-analysis of the mean haemoglobin among the different cause of ESRD auromatizada reflect this and possibly shed some light on the observed trend.

Of these deaths,