All hell breaks loose in Meljean Brook’s erotic, supernatural debut novel. Lilith, a demon, has spent years tempting men and guaranteeing their. Behind the Story. DEMON ANGEL was conceived around the summer of , was originally a story titled HARBINGERS, and it starred comic book heroes in an . “With The Iron Duke, Meljean Brook has brilliantly defined the new genre of Steampunk “Sensual and intriguing, Demon Moon is a simply wonderful book.

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Colin, the vampire, is slutty angle vain and funny, but also completely self-aware and self-possessed and self-confident. They apparently spent some quality time together in heaven and now they are fighting their lingering attraction to one another.

The curves of your lips rewrite history. And she was whip-smart, strong, resilient, defiant, and able to hold on to her humanity despite everything she went through.

Now, to be fair, I had not read the story that precedes this novel in the series; perhaps that would help. Jul 12, Hbeebti rated it really liked it Shelves: Other than that, the foggy purple background shading the extremely full moon with the hint of bare branches forms the background with a cemon woman wearing a most interesting leather mini and lace-up cropped bustier in the arms of a blond wearing skintight riding pants and boots.

Brook has a knack for this, I think. The Mech Who Loved Me. Half-demon, half-human, bound by a bargain with the devil, and forbidden to feel pleasure, she draws upon her dark powers and serpentine grace to lead men into temptation. Regardless, I don’t like him.

Demon Moon

The Guardians 8 books. Favourite Brpok from Demon Angel Colin: There were a number of cliffhangers other than this that added to my frustration. What redeemed her from being a total indulgence of a character is her inability to hold a grudge. Demon Moon stands meljena pretty well, but if you’d like to get the most out of it you should read Demon Angel, and then the short story Falling for Anthony in Hot Spell even though it was supposed to be the first in the guardian series it was far more enjoyable after having read Demon Angel.


A release from his duty and a renunciation of his role. Well, my friends probably know what’s coming.

I’m very glad I did as this is a wonderful book. All in all a fantastic book, which I will have to go back and read again because I didn’t so much as savour but devour it. Mar 06, Theresa rated it it was ok Recommends it for: If humans are intent to harm and maim one another, Hugh cannot interfere, the Rules prevent it.

He’s heavy-handed, secretive, he seems to have done something that REALLY pissed Hugh off though again, we’re given no details – we only see the evidence Demon Angel Book 2 Berkley SensationI just couldn’t see how Colin could possibly make an appealing hero, he just seemed so shallow and self absorbed.

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But then we get to the present time and there is a turning point in their relationship that precipitates a life altering event for both characters. Meanwhile, Colin is a bit over the top at times with all of his vanity nonsense, but that made it all the more enjoyable to finally see him brought to his knees by love.

At this point this is not only my favorite series of all time, but Ms. The Last True Hero.

meljea The Guardians 8 books. Then he loathed femon own beauty, and flinging the mirror on the floor, crushed it into silver splinters beneath his heel. The characters are very integrated into the world Brook has built. Colin especially, when he is in the mirror room he more or less blurts out Hugh’s big secret to Savi. Demon Moon, Meljean Brook’s second full-length book, overwhelmed me with its brilliance, but also perplexed me with its complexity. That series guide is also on my website, including a “The Story So Far” feature, which allows you to catch up on all of the books that previously released in the series if you start after the first installment.


It broo, never really clear to me why he did this or why they even thought to look for it. And because he must drink from a new human each night Colin goes in for the full court press.

Demon Angel by Meljean Brook | : Books

Amazon has it listed as Book 2. The three biggest things that annoyed me about bbrook book: It wasn’t super graphic, but the buildup and the climax heh were just so incredibly steamy that it made some of the negative points so worth it: The first part, one of the other readers refers to it as a “hundred page prolog”, sets the stage and shows the evolution in the relationship between the main characters: Vanity is not generally a great characteristic in a romantic hero.

Bfook is no clear indication of who the next couple will be, but I will definitely be reading to find out. I like Colin better than Hugh, he is funny, gorgeous and seriously vain, but he is also full of fear over his connection to Chaos which makes him very likable even tho he is sometimes rather mean to Savi.

But he also can’t see himself in mirrors, something that’s unique about him and makes him one-of-a-kind.