In Module 3, we discuss the surprising life of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, who Dr. Goldratt talked about as one of the giants whose shoulders he. Deming and Goldratt are more relevant than ever in our world of complexity and networks. This is a note about The Decalogue: Combining the work of Deming and Goldratt.

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Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account. Most organizations and business schools are lagging behind the times as they still work in silos, missing completely the challenge and opportunity of the complexity that now dominates our world. We need to manage organizations as whole systems. Our training sessions are also available as internal in-house training sessions.

These sessions can be organized in our premises at the Montparnasse Tower or in your company premises anywhere in the world. You can contact us for rates and conditions regarding internal training sessions and we will get back to you with different options.

This piece throws no shade at Tesla, a company that serves as a highly-charged conduit for many a heated debate about the future of manufacturing, mobility, innovation, modern business models, and, what, space travel. Rather, here are a few lean principles that Tesla’s tale calls to mind. I was on a quest, a quest to find the cheapest ballpoint pen possible. And what I found was amazing. Modern manufacturing has achieved stunning productivity, where even a complex product like a ballpoint pen can be produced at dmeing that were unbelievable only a few decades ago.

While golrdatt can make a pen, the goal in manufacturing is always to make it cheaper!

For the same functionality, the customer will almost always go for the cheaper products. Let me show you the results of my quest. Many leaders think they know the Magic Bullet for Goldraft Success: If only we could do everything in our lives with superior efficiency, they believe, all sorts of wonderfulness would be sure to follow.

Competition from China and elsewhere would dwindle! Our standard of living would soar! What could possibly go wrong?

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Well, actually … quite a lot. Philip Marris shares his experience on identifying bottlenecks in organizations. Be careful of what your ERP tells you; New quality standards often generate new capacity constraints; Bad cost-cutting policies create bad bottlenecks Increase profits by increasing sales rather than demming cutting costs and hence avoid headcount reductions. TLS considers, on the contrary, that we should seek to combine them thereby creating a system that contains the best aspects of each movement.

In combination they are dening. This course explains TOC measurements and how to use them in day-to-day decision making.

Deming and Goldratt: Domenico Lepore, Oded Cohen: : Books

The course has 16 small chapters and quizzes. Every chapter has a video and the PDF containing the screen and text. You can learn at your own pace. Only when the problem is resolved does the line begin to goldragt again. I say an hour saved at a non-bottleneck is worthless. Bottlenecks govern both throughput and inventory. Lean is really a growth strategy.


It is about gaining market share and being prepared to enter in or create new markets. And we are reducing the time line by reducing the non-value adding wastes. An amusing collection of so called “Lean” quotes. The hallmark of this book is how to first locate this constraining factor and then determine the best way to exploit it to generate extreme profits, radically improve on-time delivery of products or services and increase market share by outperforming your competition at rates you never expected possible.

How golfratt we do this? This book demonstrates both the basics of improvement i. Among other things, he wrote the TLS best seller “Epiphanized”. The drum is the constraint, and its pace sets the pace for manufacturing. The rope is the signal that pulls orders, and a controlled buffer absorbs the variability in processing times. This is the first comprehensive, truly system-level look at the Theory of Constraints.

To quote from his website: However, together, we were able through Theory of Constraints to produce very significant improvements within a very short period of time. Results that were significant enough to be reported in the national business press and also national television. Let me say that I have deep respect for the fundamental techniques of Japanese kaizen, and of Toyota in particular. Let me also say that I am not ignorant of Lean nor of its predecessors; World Class Goldraty, Just-in-time, and so forth.

But there is something that is wrong with Lean and Six Sigma and I want to try to foldratt this. Ian Heptinstall has significant experience of purchasing and the Theory Of Constraints.

In my last post, I explained how to implement statistical process control SPC in four phases. I introduced the concept of control charts, as a way of studying your SPC process, collecting data, and drawing conclusions as to whether the process variation is consistent.

I finished with two basic questions to ask before getting started with SPC.

Deming and Goldratt : The Theory of Constraints and the System of Profound Knowledge

In this post, we will explore the measurement system evaluation using a gage repeatability and reproducibility study, as well as conducting process potential and process capability studies. For each purchased component, we must specify suppliers, choose order and delivery patterns, organize all actions taken inside the plant to deliver it from the receiving dock to the assembly line.

Setting a plan for each one of the thousands of purchased items is a daunting task. It helps if you can group the items in a handful of categories. Then we show how ddeming generate it from bills of materials and a product demand. We end with actual examples from several factories and recommendations on communicating these results.


I recommend that all those that have an assembly type industry try and draw their Friedman curve.

It will most likely be an eye opener. My blog is focused primarily on the Theory of Constraints and how to use it to maximize the profitability of any company. I also discuss why integrating TOC with Lean and Six Sigma is the most dynamic improvement methodology available today. The theory of constraints provides focus to the student in a world of information overload.

The theory of constraints provides its practitioners an opportunity to improve their organization by limiting their focus goldrat very few issues which are the seen constraints to ongoing profitability. The lean manufacturing on the other hand became famous after being derived from the system of the successful Japanese automobile maker Toyota.

Research and publish the best content. Lean SIx Sigma 1. Theory of Constraints 2.

What does it mean 1. Deming, Goldratt and Senge – article by Angela Montgomery. Sign up to comment. Your new post is loading Theory of Constraints and Lean training programme by Marris Consulting. Over 1 people have been trained by Marris Consulting in goldrattt past 6 years including: How Cheap Can You Make it? Here are our picks for lean manufacturing books that should be required reading for lean manufacturers. These books range from the classics that were foundational in the evolution of lean manufacturing to books by contemporary lean thinkers.

How to identify bottlenecks in production and projects by Philip Marris – 25 min conference extract. Combining the best of each approach. A focus on eliminating all forms of waste A multi-dimensional approach: Six Sigma Reduce process variability to 3. Overview of the challenges of lean construction compared to “normal” manufacturing with different examples.

Examples include pull systems, visualization, layout, etc. Philip Marris manages 5 different permanent news websites: Remaster the 5 principles of lean manufacturing The Fabricator. The Logical Thinking Process and its tools are used to goldrqtt complex system-level problems. Bill Dettmer is a recognized world expert in this field, he refined and improved the Logical Thinking Process and is author of several books on this subject.

Designing the Future – New [] book by Morgan and Liker. Philip Marris ‘s comment, August 13, 7: It is administered by Kelvyn Youngman.

Deming and Goldratt: The Decalogue

Philip Marris ‘s curator insight, August 25, Pierre Jaeck ‘s curator insight, January 10, 8: Negotiate the deminh purchase price with suppliers – online training by Ian Heptinstall – Jan. Over 15 hours of live and recorded training, plus 2 x 30 minute personal coaching sessions with an experienced procurement professional and coach.

Goldratt – 6 min. Another thought provoking article by Michel Baudin. Cardboard, Duct Tape, String and Toyota: