TMs (IDMT Combined Over Current & Earth Fault Relay) · TMc / TM- s (Earth Leakage Relay) · TMs / TMs (DTL / IDMT Over Current. The Earth Leakage Relay TMc / TMs are micro-processor numerical based protection devices designed to recognize low-level leakage or unbalanced. User Guide for model: TMs (DTL) TMs (IDMT) numerical DELAB. Wiring connection. 35 mm wide DIN Rail mount. Current Setting (IE). 2% ~ 50%.

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Allow for the compliance to OSHA 94, FMA 67 and statutory requirements as to ensure the safety, health and welfare of persons at work and public protection arising from the Works. Allow for the use of adequate Personal Protective Equipment PPE such as safety helmets, safety boots, fluorescent jackets etc. Provide first-aid facilities at site for the duration of project.

All the works carried out shall have the photos – Before and After works t. The Contractor shall employ in the performance of this Contract only Malaysian citizens as workmen unless the Contractor has obtained approval of the Ministry of Human Resources to employ non-Malaysian citizens hereinafter referred to as “foreign workers’.


The Contractor shall ensure that valid working permit and all laws of Malaysia in connection to foreign workers have been complied with before and hm the performance of this Contract. The Contractor is to ensure to used workers registered under sector: Rate to include Single Line Diagram and Control Circuit Drawing laminated type and approved by electrical competent personpadlock locking system with Protection Box and numbering type Padlock to the existing Tmm Main Incoming Switch, Busbar and Auto-Trans Testing, Commissioning and making good all the works disturbed including dispose outside unnecessary working materials afterwards.

To provide photos before and after works completion. Rate to include new earthing chambercopper electrode, testing, commissioning and making godd all the works disturbed.

Delab Earth Leakage Distributor , Supplier, Importer

Impedance test shall be less than 1 ohm and verified by IWK Representative. Panel height shall be more than 2m height from ground level.

New 16mm x 4 core armoured cable lay underground 2 feet depth underground from 8000s metre to Panel approximately 20 metre.


Rate to include to conceal all the exposed cable in cement concrete, hacking, patching, digging, backfilling, ddelab, commissioning and making good all the works disturbed. To provide photos before, during and after works completion.

To supply, deliver and install new float switch GI bracket for RSP x 2 nos, Rate to hacking, patching, modification and all the necessary parts and fittings.

Rate to delba heavy duty type terminal block and all the necessary parts and fittings. To replace new pump sump iron door with same material as existing include with padlock.

Door size 5 ft x 7 ft. Rate to include painting, dismantle, dispose outside existing door and materials work outside and all the necessary parts and fittings.