Vishnu sahasranama (sanskrit) (pdf, 79kb). Vishnu Sahasranama . Om > Deities > Dattatreya > names of Dattatreya (decl). names of Dattatreya ( decl). dattatreya related Sanskrit Documents in IAST script, available in various Indian dakārādi śrī dattasahasranāmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma. Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali: Buy Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali online –

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The Hindu Temple, Vol. Moreover, it should have ten arms and the Sakti by his side. Non-deliberation leads to disaster. Many things can become a guru as it did for Dattatreya who had 24 gurus the list and details given in notes below each of which teaches some of the highest philosophy for a proper spiritual life and it also emphasizes the fact that we cannot defy or deny the importance of anything dattatrey observing and understanding it properly without any prejudice.

Dattatreya Sahasranamam | Sahasranama

This world is the creation of the mind. Guru Caritra edited by Kamat. Over the last mentioned figure we notice the decorative device of the leograph on the elephant, originally meant as a bracket supporting the projecting ends on the back of the throne.

This showed the unity of all the three.

In the universal night a Fiery Pillar appeared above the waters. VII, Dzttatreya I, p. The right side of panel has the figures of Brahma and Brahmani, and the left one those of Siva and Parvati.

Trimurti is the central panel on each of which there is one separated by figures of gods and gcdesses. He has three heads I. Here, sight destroys reason just as it destroys the moth that flirts with a flame, so one should control the senses and dwell in God rather than the world Keshavadas, But also if there is perfect unity, even identity between creator and created, then to speak of non-duality is also correct. New Imperial Series Vol. Do thou counteract the malignant influences of the planets, cure the ailments, drive off anguish, melt away all penury, fill the mind with joy.


A brief life history is given in saikesaat. The three gunas are the three worlds. I have learnt the virtue of cheerfulness from the child. It is interesting to note that Kumarasambhava II.

The sacred thread which runs over the left shoulder and under the right arm is worn according to the orthodox Brahmin fashion. Sandyapuriji Maharaja Sankalia, H. Even so, people hoard up wealth and other things with great difficulty, but they have to leave them all at once and depart when the Lord of Death takes hold of them.

Moreover, he is always seen in the company of Siddhas seeking his guidance All these references are quoted by Stella Kramrisch in his book “The Hindu Temple”, Vol. The so-called Trimurti Mandapa is a cave temple near the “Gopi’s churn”.

This is the lesson I learnt from the deer. They were dedicated to Siva, Visnu and Surya or Brahma respectively.


My salutations to Dathathreya, Whose stamp is the knowledge of ultimate, Who wears the sky and earth as his cloths, And who is the three states of wakefulness, Sleep and dattxtreya. Like the sun, I learned how dattatryea gather knowledge from all sources, transform that knowledge into practical wisdom, and share it with all without preferring some recipients and excluding others.


Close to the neck is also a Hara composed of a snake.

Till then we have to remain content with the available material. Vidyaranya refers to him as a promulgator of right knowledge in the Treta age. It has four faces representing Visnu, Brahma, Surya and Siva.

Burgess notes that on the door of a shrine there is an image of Lakulisa and beside it there is an image of Surya with three-headed icon in question.

The Vanamala is hanging from the shoulders and reaching down knees. This body of ours is a temple of the Divine. December 21, at 5: They are one and the same. The front face is of the terrific aspect and the two side ones are pacific. My salutations to Dathathreya, Who is the result of fire sacrifices. It is in his connection with wine and woman.

The sculptor, no doubt, has Trimurti in mind and probably Dattatreya because one of the Dhyanamantras of Dattatreya, quoted above, contains a reference to Vyakhyana Mudra of Dattatreya.