Cinemax has revealed the development of Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory, a sequel to the mystery adventure game Daemonica. Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory is a sequel to Daemonica, but does not require you to be familiar with the content of thr original. Daemonica. by One of the seven Back!?!!?? Add to Favorites. Pages. 2 . Updates. On Hiatus. Last Update. 9 Months Ago. Fans. Readers. 6.

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Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory Unveiled

In the last book, I didn’t think I’d be that interested in him and Gemella, but this book has gotten me very interested indeed. Ione put a lot of thought and effort in this series, and this book really shows it and her talent as an author.

But it was fantastic, not one single dull moment throughout the entire book. Farepoynt’s Purgatory is a PC adventure game — a psychological thriller containing many unique features, elaborate characters and a storyline that allows the player to experience new features, content and challenges even when replaying it. Return to Book Page. At heart, he loved women, as it was part of his nature, from his mother’s side and rearing.

Runa was with Shade in her human days and walked in on him with 2 females having sex. Everybody loved everyone, even coldhearted, selfish Wraith loved his mate Kaine. Ione does not go daemonuca detail, but this fact about Shade’s past does play into his future. They meet again at the beginning of this book.

Very soon he finds the first dead bodies. He cannot help it since he needs sex in order to survive. I was more pissed off that Shade didn’t seem to really be interested in her until after her change; in parts, it’s almost as if he liked the werewolf, but not the woman who went with it. He later became a mercenary and joined the English army in the Hundred Years’ War.


Worthplaying | ‘Daemonica 2: Farepoynt’s Purgatory’ Unveiled

I know, that sounds so odd and childish, but ever since I read the first novel, Desire Unbound, last year, I’ve been hungry for more! I think that with a re-read I got to understand many things I didn’t the first time I read it. Things I didn’t like: There are two armies facing each other in the cold damp woods of Brittania.

The insanity and evil of the mad brother was enough to make my skin want to crawl away on its own and hide in some dark corner. When their lives were spiralling out of control she was beside him, loving him and being strong for him, making him realise that they would face everything together.

Nicholas then goes to the crypt where Fabius reveals that in fact he tries to release to demon to control him to use him for good. All this publication’s reviews Read full review. It was her lucky night I suppose. He also tries to convince Nicholas to help him.

Runa is a werewolf who understands the situation she is currently in, she hates Shade but wants him like no other, fact being she knows he is all kinds of assholish. Desire Unchained was a great second installment in the Demonica series and another great story about another great Seminus demon. I really liked the fact that Runa and Shade had been together before.

Everyone and their brother. Daemonica is not the kind of RPG that will appeal to most hardcore gamers. Back when they dated, Runa was huma Let me start off by saying that I love the Demonica series. Hillary Huber does a great job with her sultry voice and some of the H. Wraith has completely stolen my heart. It’s kind of like the whole Lord of the Rings thing – “Why didn’t the eagles just fly Frodo to Mordor in the first place?


The other POVs ademonica is like a buffet of hotness, and I am biting my nails because I want books for all dem. In some ways like a sex addiction. Like Shade, Runa also had her own personal torments. Pathetic female 2 is awarded to Gem, who not only saved her virginity for Ky but who has been in love with a man who was married and devoted to.

His ultimate goal will make you say “What? It is funny, smart and original. As always, I loved Wraith and Eidolon.

Desire Unchained

Fortunately, the way that the scenes with Shade dealing with his gift and Runa’s need to have her daeminica extracted were written showed a deft handling that didn’t turn my stomach and ruin this book for me. Overall, I loved this book.

Back when they dated, Runa was human, but now she’s a warg werewolf. The secondary story line about Kynan and Gem was also well done. The narrator’s slightly nasal tone, especially when she was ‘doing’ Shade’s parts.

Farepoynt’s Purgatory’ Unveiled by Rainier on March 7, 7: Dec 02, Kat rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now, if you’re turned off by BDSM, you’ll probably still be okay with this book. It allows them daemohica call a demon Dahn-en-nyan the soul bearer who can help them to talk with xaemonica dead if they know certain facts about the dead. It showed how much Shade loved her, and his determination to sacrifice himself for her out of love.

I absolutely love this series.

I hope the next one’s better than this.