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Classes are declared by using the class keyword followed by a xours identifier, as shown in the following example: For more information, see Interfaces. Join now Maybe later. This reference refers to the new object but does not contain the object data itself.

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An abstract class contains abstract methods that have a signature definition but no implementation. The remainder of the definition is the class body, where the behavior and data are defined.


Because public is used in this case, anyone can create instances of this class. Objects can be created by using the new keyword followed pok the name of the class that the object will be based on, like this: The following example defines a public class that contains an auto-implemented propertya method, and a special method called a constructor.

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C# – Poo: Accesseurs (Setter – Getter) darija | المعنى الأصلي لـ – PHP Video Academy

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POO l’encapsulation

WriteLine person2 ; Console. Welcome to Microsoft Virtual ;oo Class definitions can be split between different source files. We see you want to learn more skills and advance your career! A type coura is defined as a class is a reference type. The language cokrs is the definitive source for C syntax and usage. In the previous example, object1 is a reference to an object that is based on Customer.

When you create a class, you can inherit from any other interface or class that is not defined as sealedand other classes can inherit from your class and override class virtual methods. For more learning options, check out Microsoft Learn. Because objects that are based on classes are referred to by reference, classes are known as reference types.