Coswin 7i is the new generation of asset and facilities management software – A COSWIN 7i is designed to meet the needs of different sized organisations. Mythos Brewery, the second largest brewer in Greece and member of the Carlsberg Group chooses Coswin 7i and Siveco Hellas for the. The company PEPSICO-IVI chooses SIVECO HELLAS and COSWIN 7i software to manage business processes of the department Vending.

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Working better through a more reliable operation of the system.

Lean Manufacturing with CMMS COSWIN 7i in the beverage industry Mythos Brewery

The Data Optimisation Interface replaces the former code by 7l new code in the database files, and in all the transactions using the former code. Here is their feedback, from the point of view of maintenance managers.

Siveco Group announced that Coswin version 7i. The manipulation of data is easy: Project The Project module purpose is to prepare, cozwin and follow-up the realisation of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual shutdowns, construction, etc.

As part of our Summer Roadshow, we have talked with many customers already using Coswin 8i and asked them what they liked in the new voswin, and why was it worth upgrading.

Coswin 8i now comes with a comprehensive set of Helpdesk functionalities. Moreover, Coswin 8i is fully customisable for each user profile vocabulary used, layout of the screens, addition of new fields, definition of links with external applications, contextual browsing.

Management of user profiles independently from Coswin Presentation of reports structured by categories and files Integrated search engine Planning and execution of reports published by Coswin Analyzer Automatic sending of generated reports to relevant users Archiving of earlier generations of reports Management of alerts by email Consolidation of ocswin Coswin Database in a unique report Exploration of report data, hyperlinks Independent from Coswin access licences Access to gateway using Internet Explorer.


As usual, the software will be immediately available in Chinese and 15 other languages.

Professional risk management and safety is at the heart of business concerns. A flexible offering We offer coawin range of choices for deployment of Coswin 8i: Implement this solution with us? The Project module purpose is to prepare, plan and follow-up the realisation of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual shutdowns, construction, etc.

The Data Optimisation Interface controls the consistency of the data in order to avoid any recoding of errors.

Improved support for specific analysis and management decisions. Avoids the writing of coswwin programmes Creation and modification of the procedures by the client: Purchase management Coswin 8i allows precise supplier management with manual and automatic purchase order requests, relationship tracking with suppliers and subcontractors, as well as prices, budgets, invoices and assets.

Import of cpswin transaction: As a result Coswin 8i can be implemented in very different configurations, from the simplest to the most complex, in a local or an extended network.

Coswin 8i | Logiciel GMAO : Logiciel de gestion de maintenance – SIVECO

Planned maintenance Full management of maintenance activities: Coswin 8i is for both single and multiple warehouses. Coswin 8i will save a lot of time on this, which can be reallocated to higher-value work both on customer and Siveco side! Supplies the basic records from an input file Creates, if necessary, the configuration coswih in the parameter tables Ensures the creation of new fact sheets or the modification of the existing fact sheets In the dictionaries, the client chooses the data destination of the input files The memorised parameterisation can be run in one or several steps Controls the consistency of the imported data and rejects incorrect information.

Siveco works with industry-leading customers in the manufacturing, infrastructure, and facility management markets. Allows the changing of codes previously not modifiable with Coswin Allows the changing of codes without opening Coswin Allows the grouping of several codes into a unique one Modifies the code on the basic cowsin card and also in all the transactions using this code Maintenance and clearing tool for your Coswin database.


Pepsico – IVI – Service Management with Coswin 7i | Siveco Greece

Resource management allows the evaluation of schedules and employee skills in order to optimise assignments and increase resource availability. Many shortcuts and contextual menus has been added everywhere, but the innovation with the strongest impact is the ability to work directly from the list no need to open records one by one like before.

Products Coswin 8i Coswin Nom d. This optional module allows basic records and data tables to be imported into COSWIN from information included in external computer files. This has also been one of the key concern when designing Coswin 8i.

The 3 reasons maintenance managers enjoyed upgrading to Coswin 8i

BAS system, hand-held terminals, stores management for manufacturing, entry of hours for staff management… In the dictionaries, the client chooses the data destination of the input files E. Recognizing that different people have different needs and views, we are preparing similar articles from the perspective of IT managers and top managers. Today maintenance processes can no longer be simply delegated to the factory or maintenance department level. The implementation is to separate data and validation circuits according to the entity to which the users belong.

Upgrading to Coswin 8i shows that the management remains committed to give teams a strong tool to manage their maintenance.

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