ColdFusion 8 allows us to merge any number of PDFs, whether from files So let’s look at a simple example: cfdocument name=”pdf1″. coldfused cfdocument hotfix for coldfusion 8 released. Sat, 27 Oct GMT coldfused cfdocument hotfix for coldfusion pdf -. Refer to the kb doc. coldfused enhancements to cfdocument in coldfusion 8. Sun, 28 Oct GMT coldfused enhancements to cfdocument in pdf – PDF name: When a.

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Specify a number less than Real bummer since the files should really only be 1mb or so given the content being loaded in.

CF Muse Reader Asks: Then I put it through Acrobat’s web optimizer which took it down to KB. I found your blog post before I found this StackOverflow post.

A PDF file on the other cfcocument really is a document in the traditional sense. Cfdocument and Performance Posted At: Keep those questions coming.

Thanks for all this info. Aug 8 ’11 at You can specify this tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. Dan Short 8, 2 23 I suck at XSL too. Specifies whether ColdFusion embeds fonts in the output: That’s correct, there is currently no way to optimize PDFs in ColdFusion 8 with the native cfdocument or cfpdf tags.


“localURL” attribute added to cfdocument in ColdFusion 8 | chapter31

The following example shows how to specify bookmarks for document sections:. It is so by design coldfusiin the cfdocument as well as in the cfpdf tag.

But Cfdocument has to play both client and server. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. This attribute is available only if you have integrated OpenOffice with ColdFusion.


Page type into which ColdFusion generates the report: Stack Cfdochment works best with JavaScript enabled. It has lead us down an interesting path which resulted in the finding that PNGs are the go! Create the directories in the path before you specify the file. So my first bit of advice is to try your best to embed images with a width and height parameter and “pre-process” the images so they can be used coldfusjon is” in the PDF file.

You can see how taking the process of determining widths out of the equation would benefit the processing speed. Well it’s and I was having this same problem – using MX7 – looks like CF8 has better performance, but we’re not there yet.


I know this is an old postso from the CF9 timeframe. Bookmarks ColdFusion 9 supports bookmarks. Sign cfdocumen using Email and Password. What can I do? A PDF with a lot of external resources like a catalog for example would really hammer the resources of your server. It’s at least 5 times quicker to display the PNG. These classes often must resample the image using methods that maintain perspective, but change the dpi.

The only exceptions are fonts. What you see on the page is generally a result of many separate http requestsnot coldfudion the one that called the page. Also, in some applications, the browser displays a Red X image error instead of the image in the browser. Post as a guest Name.