Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. This year, Cisco recognizes the 25th anniversary of its Networkers user conference. To put this run in perspective, here’s a timeline of. Cisco Live (Networkers) registration opened this week. Three years ago, before Cisco Networkers in Las Vegas, I received an e-mail.

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They pioneered the concept of a local area network LAN being used to connect geographically disparate computers over a multiprotocol router system. Netwokers Systems was founded in December by Sandy Lernera director of computer facilities for the Stanford University Graduate School of Businessand her husband Leonard Bosackwho was in charge of the Stanford University computer science netwogkers computers. Cisco’s initial product has roots in Stanford University’s campus technology.

In the early ‘s students and staff at Stanford, including Bosack used technology on the campus to link all of the school’s computer systems to talk to one another, creating a box that functioned as a multiprotocol router called the “Blue Box.

InBosack and Stanford icsco Kirk Lougheed began a project to formally network Stanford’s campus. On July 11,Bosack and Lougheed were forced to resign from Stanford and the university contemplated filing criminal complaints against Cisco and its founders for the theft of its software, hardware designs and other intellectual properties.

The name “Cisco” was derived from the city name 20005 Franciscowhich is why the company’s engineers insisted on using the lower case “cisco” in its early years. The logo is networkerrs to depict the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. On August 28,Lerner was fired. Upon hearing the news, her husband Bosack resigned in protest. Although Cisco was not the first company to develop and sell cico network nodes, [12] it was one of the first to sell commercially successful routers supporting multiple network protocols.

Some popular models of that time such as Cisco managed to stay in production for almost a decade virtually unchanged. The company was quick to capture the emerging service provider environment, entering the SP market with product lines such as Cisco and Cisco Between andCisco acquired several companies in Ethernet switchingsuch as Kalpana[14] Grand Junction [15] and most notably, Mario Mazzola ‘s Crescendo Communications, [16] which together formed the Catalyst business unit.

At the time, the company envisioned cisck 3 routing and layer 2 EthernetToken Ring switching as complementary functions of different intelligence and architecture—the netdorkers was slow and complex, the latter was fast but simple. This philosophy dominated the company’s product lines throughout the s.

InJohn Morgridge was succeeded by John Chambers. The Internet Protocol IP became widely adopted in the mid-to-late s. The cisci complexity of programming routing functions in silicon led to the formation of several startups determined to find new ways to process IP and MPLS packets entirely in hardware and blur boundaries between routing and switching.

As part of a rebranding campaign inCisco Systems adopted the shortened name “Cisco” and created “The Human Network” advertising campaign. Nwtworkers the more traditional business side, Cisco continued to develop its routing, switching and security portfolio.

The quickly growing importance of Ethernet also influenced the company’s product lines. Limits of IOS and aging Crescendo architecture also forced Cisco to look at merchant silicon in the carrier Ethernet segment. Cisco continued to be challenged by both domestic Alcatel-LucentJuniper Networks and overseas cieco Huawei.

The company cut around 3, employees with an early-retirement program who accepted buyout and planned to eliminate as many as 10, jobs around 14 percent of the 73, total employees before curtailment. In April,Cisco Systems announced funding for early-stage firms to focus on the Internet of Things. The deal came as part of Cisco’s gradual exit nnetworkers the consumer market, and as part of an effort by Cisco’s new leadership to focus on cloud-based products in enterprise segments.


Cisco indicated that it would still collaborate with Technicolor on video products. In FebruaryCisco launched a cloud-based secure internet gateway, called Cisco Umbrella, to provide safe internet access to users who don’t use their corporate networks or VPNs to connect to remote data centers.

Cisco Systems

Low Net Income for fiscal year was attributed to a one time tax charge, that allowed Cisco to bring back capital from overseas. Cisco used this money it was able to bring back at a lower tax rate to fund share buybacks and acquisitions.

Cisco acquired a variety of companies to spin products and talent into the company. In — the company completed 11 acquisitions.

: Cisco Networkers

The latter came as result of Cisco acquiring Linksys in and in was supplemented with new product line dubbed Cisco Valet. Accordingly, IronPort was integrated into the Cisco Security business unit. SensorBase allows these devices to build a risk profile on IP addresses, therefore allowing risk profiles to be dynamically created on http sites and SMTP email sources.

In more recent merger deals, Cisco bought Starent Networks a mobile packet core company and Moto Development Group, a product design consulting firm that helped develop Cisco’s Flip video camera. In MarchCisco completed the acquisition of privately held network configuration and change management software company Pari Networks.

Although many buy-ins such as Crescendo Networks inTandberg in resulted in acquisition of flagship technology to Cisco, many others have failed—partially or completely. Some of acquired technologies such as Flip from Pure Digital saw their product lines terminated. Cisco also acquired SolveDirect cloud services in March [87] and Ubiquisys mobile software in April Cisco acquired cyber-security firm Sourcefirein October On June 17,Cisco announced its intent to acquire privately held Tail-f Systems, a leader in multi-vendor network service orchestration solutions for traditional and virtualized networks.

On April 2,Cisco announced plans to buy Embrane, a software-defined networking startup. The deal will give Cisco Embrane’s software platform, which provides layer 3—7 network services for things such as firewalls, VPN termination, server load balancers and SSL offload.

On May 7, Cisco announced plans to buy Tropo, a cloud API platform that simplifies the addition of real-time communications and collaboration capabilities within applications. On August 6,Cisco announced that it has completed the acquisition of privately held MaintenanceNet, the US-based company best known for its cloud-based contract management platform ServiceExchange.

On September 30,Cisco announced its intent to acquire privately held Portcullis Computer Security, a UK-based company that provides cybersecurity services to enterprise clients and the government sectors.

On October 26,Cisco announced its intent to acquire ParStream, a privately held company based in Cologne, Germany, that provides an analytics database that allows companies to analyze large amounts of data and store it in near real time anywhere in the network.

In AugustCisco announced it is getting closer to making a deal to acquire Springpath, the startup whose technology is used in Cisco’s HyperFlex Systems. Cisco already owns an undisclosed stake in the hyper-converged provider. One January 26,Cisco founded the Innovation Alliance in Germany with eleven other companies bringing together 40 sites and 2, staff to provide small businesses in Germany with expertise. Cisco’s products and services focus upon three market segments—enterprise and service provider, small business and the home.

Cisco has grown increasingly popular in the Asia-Pacific region over the last three decades [ when? Cisco became a major provider of Voice over IP to enterprises and is now moving into the home user market through its acquisitions of Scientific Atlanta and Linksys. They can become fully operational within 15 minutes of arrival.

High-capacity diesel fuel-tanks allow the largest vehicles to run for up to 72 hours continuously. The Tactical Operations team maintains and deploys smaller, more portable communication kits to emergencies outside of North America. Inthe team deployed to assist in earthquake recovery in Haiti and in Christchurch New Zealand.


Inthey deployed to flooding in Brazil, as well as in response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. InCisco received the Innovation Preparedness award from the American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter for its development and use of these vehicles in disasters. Cisco Systems also sponsors a line of IT professional certifications for Cisco products. Cisco also provides training for these certifications via a portal called the Cisco Networking Academy.

Cisco often finds itself involved with technical education. With over 10, partnerships in over 65 countries [] Cisco Academy program operates in many exotic locations.

For example, in MarchCisco announced its interest in Myanmar by investing in two Cisco Networking Academies in Yangon and Mandalay and a channel partner network.

Cisco was a —03 recipient of the Ron Brown Award[] [] a U. According to a report by technology consulting firm LexInnovaCisco was one of the leading recipients of network security-related patents with the largest portfolio within other companies 6, security-related patents in A class action lawsuit filed on April 20,accused Cisco of making misleading statements that “were relied on by purchasers of Cisco stock” and of insider trading.

Cisco has been criticized for its involvement in censorship in the People’s Republic of China.

the network

Wired News had uncovered a leaked, confidential Cisco PowerPoint presentation that detailed the commercial opportunities of the Golden Shield Project of Internet control. In Octoberemployees of Cisco’s Brazilian unit were arrested on charges that they had imported equipment without paying import duties.

In response, Cisco stated that they do not import directly into Brazil, and instead use middlemen. In MayCisco accused the person who filed the antitrust suit, British-Nigerian technology entrepreneur Peter Alfred-Adekeyewith hacking and pressured the US government to extradite him from Canada. Cisco settled the antitrust lawsuit two months after Alfred-Adekeye’s arrest by making its software updates available to all Multiven customers.

Cisco’s Linksys E, E, E devices have been reported to be remotely updated to a firmware version that forces users to register for a cloud service, allows Cisco to monitor their network use and ultimately shut down the cloud service account and thus render the affected router unusable.

Cisco’s Chief Security Officer addressed the allegations publicly and denied working with any government to weaken Cisco products for exploitation or to implement security back doors. Cisco denied the allegations in a customer document [] saying that no information was included about specific Cisco products, supply chain intervention or implant techniques, or new security vulnerabilities.

Cisco’s general counsel also claimed that Cisco does not work with any government, including the United States Government, to weaken its products. In March Cisco Systems was sued for patent infringement. Officials with Spherix are claiming that a wide range of Cisco products, from switches to routers, infringe on 11 former Nortel patents that the company now owns.

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