Thirty years on, what should we make of Bruce Chatwin’s song to the songlines? “Epic of Gilgamesh” is Google’s answer to “what is the oldest known literature”. The Songlines. by Bruce Chatwin. pages, paperback, Penguin, The Songlines is a beautiful meditation on the importance of travel to knowledge and . The publication of Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines in transformed English travel writing; it made it cool. For the previous half century, travel.

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Eonglines they love it? Sep 03, Gijs Grob rated it did not like it Shelves: The distance from here to Port Augusta, as the crow flew, was roughly 1, miles, about twice the distance–so we calculated–from Troy to Ithaca. And The Songlines presents unforgettable details about the chatwi of disputes we know all too well from less traumatic confrontations: It is not only about the aboriginal If I was given a choice of 3 people to invite for dinner from any age, Bruce Chatwin would be one.

Questo spinge il lettore a sforzarsi di esprimere una propria opinione personale al riguardo di molti episodi particolari. Chatwin invests everything in this moving songglines of his research into the Songlines of Australia. Aug 07, Chris Kaeff rated it it was amazing. What we had witnessed, he said, was not of course the real Lizard song, but a ‘false front’, or sketch performed for strangers. To call it non-fiction is an absolute lie.

People who don’t live in Australia think it is a smaller place than it actually is – it is actually as big as the USA without Alaska. However, most of the book sontlines not about the songlines, but about Chatwin himself, eating and drinking with Australians, most of which have nothing to do with the Aborigines and their plight. Any relevant experience or research that might add to his examination of man’s inclination towards a life of migration versus the sedentary life if carefully included.

Do we agree with Pascal that all man’s troubles stem from his inability to sit quietly in a room? Nov 03, Joseph Mckenna rated it it sonlgines amazing. Chatwin asserts that language started as song, and in the aboriginal Dreamtimeit sang the land into existence for the conscious mind and memory. The Songlines is a book written by Bruce Chatwincombining fiction and non-fiction. The life of the Aboriginals stands in vivid contrast, of course, to the prevailing cultures of our time.


But for more than twenty years Chatwin has mulled over the possibility that the reverse might be the case. Chatwin combines evidence from Aboriginal culture with modern ideas on human evolution, and songglines that on the African Savannahwe were a migratory species hunted by a dominant feline predator. The Ultimate Reading List – Travel.

I have to admit this book did what the best books do–inspire me to read more on the subject–b There was plenty in this book that irritated me, and at times, yes things that fascinated me.

Bruce Chatwin’s book is ostensibly an examination of the Australian Aboriginal notion of the Songline: Chatwin further argues that man’s defining event is his victory, using only his brain, over the deadly predators that stalked our species during most of our history.

It may sognlines impossible because of the restrictions on which people are allowed to hold which knowledge which tribe, which age group, male or femaleand how this information is allowed to be shared between tribes. Chatwin develops his thesis about the primordial nature of Aboriginal song.

The Songlines – Wikipedia

Zeppo di spunti per riflettere sulla nostra vita, impossibili da cogliere tutti alla prima lettura, e quindi da riprendere in mano spesso e volentieri, e sarebbe bellissimo che ne esistesse una versione con pagine bianche di tanto in tanto, per aggiungere le proprie scoperte a quelle dell’autore. If you’re into stuff like this, you can read the full review. The form of the book is a mixture of reportage and sections labelled as being from his notebook.

The Songlines is, on the surface, an auto-biographical travel narrative. Some of the material is loosely relevant to the book if The Songlines is viewed under the the larger theme of nomadic peoples; some of it is interesting but largely irrelevant, such as his rambling discussion of paleontologists’ discoveries about the evolution of early man.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The problem is I find Chatwin maddeningly meandering and unreliable. Along these “roads” they travel in order to perform all those activities that are distinctively human—song, dance, marriage, exchange of ideas, and arrangements of territorial boundaries by agreement rather than force.

One has the impression that they represent the routes of the first Australians — and that they have come from somewhere else. There was plenty in this book that irritated me, and at times, yes things that fascinated me.


The main Songlines in Australia appear to enter the country from the north or north-west from across the Timor Sea or the Torres Strait — and from there weave their way southwards across the continent. Unfortunately he felt the need to share excerpts with us–at length–that mostly consisted of quotations from other books, what comes down to lecture notes, and vignettes from other travels.

Why have the great teachers—Christ or the Buddha—recommended the Road as the way. While Chatwin repeatedly engages in pop-anthropology of dubious quality, he displays a breadth of imagination and a willingness to share it with the reader.

Whether he got his facts straight about the whole concept, I don’t know. Jul 29, Robyn rated it it was amazing. And the book continues what appears to be his life-long thesis: The very melody and rhythm of the song can mark direction and distance.

Reading this book we are not objective observers of the words on the page instead the author uses the format of travel writing and the illusion of reportage to engage us in the narrative.

One of Chatwin’s traits as a writer and as a human being that I most admired was his willingness to talk to just about anyone, including a stinking derelict on a London street, an Aboriginal story-teller, a body-builder cop or a Saharan nomad.

The Songlines

I only wish I could sit down probably in a pub and watch him drink a pint and tell stories of his travels. It chatwn on the relationship sonhlines twin brothers, Lewis and Benjamin, who grow up isolated from the course of twentieth century history.

Paperback chatwim, pages. Chatwin ha sempre rappresentato per me il sogno la fuga, l’evasione in posti lontani, l’idea stessa di viaggio. We are much more likely to know American history than our own, much more likely to know about Native Americans than our own Aboriginal peoples. In fact, the long stretches of recreated dialogue in the book, which are rendered as it they had been recorded verbatim even though he had no means of actually doing so, make clear that the book is semi-fictional.